Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Mom and Baby Sleep Well Tips

If you breastfeed your baby, you’re doomed to months of sleep deprivation. This is what our granny and babysitters have been lecturing us since ages. And the logic behind this business is babies digest breast milk more quickly than formula, meaning they’ll be wake up to eat more often and sleep less. Right?

Ask an expert and the answer comes loud and clear. No, it is one big myth that has been carried since time immemorial. Surely at times breastfeeding can be challenging, especially when sleep issues come into scene. And the reason to this issue is unawareness towards setting a routine and  handling your new born baby’s behavior.

For both mom and the baby a certain norm is required to get healthy sleep. Here are few of them to consider:

Help your baby and yourself to fall asleep easily

  • Keep the room dimly lit for nighttime feedings and also keep stimulation (talking, singing, etc.) to a minimum. This will help your baby to realize that nighttime is for sleeping and not for playing.
  • Never let your baby sleep on a soft surface or around people who smoke. Also, always lay the baby to sleep on its back to reduce any risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SID).
  • Wake up your baby every 3 to 4 hours until their weight gain is established. This typically happens within the first couple of weeks. After that, it’s perfectly fine even if your baby sleeps for longer periods of time.
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