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Sex in Twillight Years


couple-beachEarlier it was believed that as men and women mature they should become sexual neuters and the physical act was limited only for the young. But, the recent study done in Sweden seems to disagree. The study says that more and more sixty year olds are turning active between the sheets.

Archana Darshan reveals the facts in the Indian context.

Dr Ajit Saxena, Senior Consultant Urology at Apollo Hospitals says, “As compared to the past I’ve seen a 100 percent increase in the number of senior men coming to me seeking treatment for their sex life.” Many a time senior men do not prefer to come directly to seek solutions for their sexual dissatisfaction and cloak their visits in the garb of routine checkup. But, during the course of the conversation veer the subject towards sexual discontent seeking answers for the same, tells Dr Rajesh Taneja, senior consultant Urology at Pushpavati Singhania Research Institute


“Erectile dysfunction tops the chart in the sexual problems afflicting men. Dissatisfaction also arises on the quality of erections as well on the ability to achieve orgasms necessarily in that order,” informs Dr Rajesh Taneja, senior consultant Urology at Pushpavati Singhania Research Institute

While most men experience an occasional erectile dysfunction, the problem warrants attention if the occurrence becomes more frequent. In fact, erectile dysfunction is more of a psychological problem, but there can be physiological causes too. Dr Taneja says, “Testosterone levels drop in men once they reach 40, earlier too these days considering our life styles. Flagging testosterone levels manifest in erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is a marker for a serious disease lurking like diabetes. Again, it’s hard to discount the factor of stress and depression.” If sales figures are any indicator the good sales performance of GNC DHEA, which helps in raising testosterone levels at our stores surely says that men are not ready to accept drooping testosterone levels without fight.

“Moreover BP medicines by and large affect the erectile function and are a major cause of impotence in the elderly,” adds Dr Saxena. Sometimes, a change of medication does help.
“As far as help is concerned medicines in the genre of Viagra do help and interestingly these days I’m seeing that more and more 60 plus men are coming to get penile implants done, which in itself is recommended in rare circumstances,” tells he.

Viagra facts

Dr Rajesh Taneja, senior consultant Urology at PSRI says…

Viagra, the wonder blue pill from Pfizer is a prescription medicine. Before you bully your doctor to write one for you, men remember that–
1. A cardiac patient needs to be allowed to have sexual activity with usual partner in usual ambience
2. A person should be prescribed Viagra only if he can walk for 15 minutes on a level ground at the speed of 4 km/hour and then climb a flight of stairs without getting breathless.

However, the same amount of enthusiasm does not seem to resonate in the mature women. Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee says, “Sexual dissatisfaction is not the propelling factor for women to visit me for consultation but during the course of conversation while probing women do admit to the discomforts experienced during the act. The most common complaint is painful sex which can be eased with a KY Jelly.”

Beyond south

As the partners mellow and mature together sexual satisfaction too gains new dimensions and moves beyond the realm of penetrative sex. “In the senior years touching and intimacy become more important and there is need to touch and be touched both physically and emotionally,” says 60 year old Kalpana Rastogi who has this year completed forty years of companionship with her husband. “At the time of menopause sex drive hits south but for me the freedom from menstruation and pregnancy was a huge turn on. And in this age and time small discomforts can easily be soothed with a trip to pharmacy store, confides she. You bet!

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