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Get Smarter and Sharper as You Age!

senior woman helped to solve crossword puzzleAge makes you sage, but it shouldn’t make you senile. Increasing age is not correlated with foggy memory. You can keep your brain active and agile irrespective of your age.  Moreover, do remember that it’s acceptable to forget where you’ve kept your glasses, but it’s just not acceptable, if you forget that you wear glasses. At any age you can keep your brain active. My Health Guardian tells you exactly what you should be doing for a sharp memory. 

1. Remind yourself. Yes, reminders work. When you meet new people, repeat their names while talking to them. Also while talking to them, make a note of any of their feature which distinguishes them. This will help you remember the name. Start setting reminders on your mobile phone. The reminders can be about eating medicines, paying bills, remembering birthdays. This will take away the load from your brain about remembering details. Start writing ‘to-do’ lists for the day and you are not going to miss anything important. Most importantly, take back up of your mobile.
2. Slip in the comfort of routine. Put your car keys and glasses in the same place so you don’t have to think about where they are. Use a calendar to keep track of appointments. Do whatever makes it easier for you to organize thoughts and information.3. Exercise and challenge your mind. An active brain stays sharp and continues to produce new connections between nerve cells. Don’t underestimate the importance of brain teasers and other puzzles like crossword puzzles and numbers puzzles. While some scoff at these kinds of exercises, they really can help you, especially if you are looking for a way to pass the time. It’s better to train your brain than to sit idle to feel gloomy. Dr Arti Anand, consultant, clinical psychologist says that these puzzles will especially keep your brain going through into old age by keeping it indulged and active all the time.
4. Engage in Social Networking – Work to make social connections, either online or in real life because this way you train your brain’s ability to understand the web of connections. Plus it will help you develop your ability to keep peoples’ faces with their names and remember who they are.
5. Eat right to be smarter and sharper. Foods rich in magnesium can prevent migraines and foods rich in vitamin B12 can prevent loss of brain function in the elderly as they keep brain cells healthy and prevent brain-damaging inflammation, informs Dr Honey Khanna, senior dietician with Max Hospital. Furthermore, certain kinds of nutrients can actually increase your neurons ability to function faster and more efficiently.
6. Exercise regularly. Aim for 30 minutes or more of exercise for almost every day. Choice should be all yours, go for yoga or aerobics or meditation, but it is must to relax your mind, soul and body. Benefits of exercise not only include weight control, improved blood circulation, increased muscle mass, greater flexibility, but it also sharpens your memory by making your mind active. Regular exercise will increase your endurance and improve balance.
7. Supplement your memory. Vitamin B Complex works as a blood thinner and improves oxygen flow to the brain to enhance its performance. But, as you age your body becomes less efficient at absorbing certain B vitamins from foods. So experts’ advise to take B vitamin supplements to boost your memory.

To make your brain function better try to engage other senses too, like smell, sounds and image and you’re going to remember details better. Moreover, learn ways to manage stress because persistent stress hurts your brain.

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