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Don’t Let Cataracts Cloud Your Vision

42-15505708The natural lens in the eye is a unique physical structure that cannot be repaired or replaced, but instead accumulates any damage that may occur to it over time. About 90% of the material in the lens consists of long stringy proteins laid out that allow nearly perfect light transmission. Damage to this precise structure can lead to a cataract or white opacity. Cataracts are lens opacities that are the cause of 50% of the blindness in underdeveloped countries.
Cataracts come in a variety of types. The most common type, called a senile cataract (old age related), becomes a vision problem almost exclusively in those over the age of 60, senile cataracts often start as a discoloration of the lens, with loss of vision occurring as this localized structural damage enlarges to form a distinct opacity.

Young age cataracts are also called pre senile cataracts and there is a definitely steady rise of cataract being seen in younger age group over the last few years. As ozone layer depletes instances of cataracts will increase because it protects us from the ultra-violet rays. Diabetes also results in the formation and manifestation of secondary cataracts.

What causes early onset of cataracts?
• DIABETES, with its environment of high blood sugars, raises the risk for early onset of senile cataract by 40%. Besides the normal stress of aging and an acceleration of damage created in a high blood sugar environment, these presenile cataracts also appear to be hastened by exposure of the lens to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight,

• ACCIDENTS or trauma to an eye can also cause cataracts. This is known as a traumatic cataracts and can occur due to blunt trauma to the eye or from exposure of the eye to alkaline chemicals.
• CONGENITAL CATARACTS: in this condition babies are born with cataracts.
• GENE POOL: The gene causing cataracts is dominant, meaning that the child need only inherit the gene from one parent to develop the condition.
• RADIATION CATARACTS: This type of cataracts may be caused from over exposure to ultraviolet sunlight and other forms of radiation. Ie. Arc welding exposue also to various class of lasers, X rays etc.
If a mother suffers from Rubella and its associated metabolic disorder known as galactosemia, during the pregnancy, the baby may suffer from congenital cataracts.
The only scientifically proven solution of cataract is- removal of the damaged opaque lens its replacement by inra occular lens IOL) -MONOFOCAL IOLs- which makes the patient see clear for distance but may require glasses for near vision work or vice versa as they only have one focus point.
The latest options available for young actively mobile patients suffering from cataract and also for old patients suffering from senile catracts is use of MULTIFOCAL IOL implants in the eye after removal of the human natural lens.
These multifocal IOL s work by creating multiple focus points in the eye for varying distances and the eye has to learn to use these varying points for varying distance focus, hence making the patient independent of near and distance spectaclesafter the surgery
Crystalens Accomodating IOL implant is another technical marvel of an option for correction of cataract and of presbyopia , CRYSTALENS is the only FDA approved accomodating Lens(IOL) which can be implanted inside the eye after removal of the human natural lens and it starts accomodating by focusing on near and distance objects by itself like that of a young natural human lens. and thus giving near freedom spectacle dependency clear vision without cataract and spectacles

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