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Make Your Skin Happy in Winters

winter beauty careCome winter and its time to indulge, wear warm sweaters, sip on steaming coffee, serenade fireside or snug under the comfy quilt. But there is also a con to it. Winter is also a time to battle the crisp chilly winds that wreck havoc on your body and hair. But a little care will keep the wintry woes at bay.

Don’t say bye to Sunscreen

Though it seems that the sun is very mild in winter but on the contrary during this period sun is most brutal. So, continue using your sunscreen lotion. Look for formulations with SPF of 15 and higher. Ideal would be to use foundation or moisturizer with an in-built sunscreen, everyday.

Moisturize daily Winter beauty care 1

Massage your body at least twice a week. It’s excellent for good circulation and keeps your skin warm, soft and glowing. Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer. Due to harsh winds and heating on full blast, your skin is already low on essential oil and if you use soap, the condition worsens. So, avoid using soap and instead use a mild hydrating cleanser. Add a few drops of oil to the water that you are using for bath. This will help retain the moisture lost when bathing. Keep baths and showers short and avoid using very hot water during winter as it can sap the natural oils of your skin. After the bath, don’t forget to seal in precious body moisture. Use a moisturizer rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin lends the skin its shine. Do not rub your body rather pat yourself dry and while the skin is still slightly damp, apply a good moisturizer. Keep an anti-itch cream handy to apply on dry, red patches. Apply some good cold cream on your body before going to bed.

Care for your eyes

Excessive exposure to the biting cold can cause itchiness and redness in the under-eye area. Tiny lines can also appear under your eyes if you neglect your eyes. Guardian offers Under Eye Gel, which is a rehydrant under-eye treatment.

Cracked heels

No matter how much you protect, heels tend to become dry and flaky. Try this:

Immerse your feet in a mixture of warm water, salt and baking soda for 15 – 20 minutes. After soaking, rub a pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin.
Use generous amount of moisturizer and put on a pair of socks.

Keep yourself well-hydrated

Water plays a vital role in keeping your skin alive. Drink lots of water, though you may not feel like drinking every now and then like summers but to keep your skin well hydrated, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day. If your soft ‘n’ supple lips have given way to chapped, flaky lips apply a soothing and good quality lip balm.. Besides, make sure that whatever lip gloss you use, it should have moisturizing feature.

Be under wraps

Keep your self properly wrapped up in warm clothes before moving out in the cold, socks and scarves are must, and before you slip your hands inside your mittens or gloves apply some sort of easily absorbable light hand lotions.

Pamper your hair

Since the cold weather causes to dry your hair, pamper them with good aloe vera juice or olive oil massage for a few minutes. This will restore its sheen and softness. Olive oil can work wonders in reinforcing moisture to your hair. Heat the oil before using and allow it to soak for just for a few minutes. Avoid exposing your hair to frequent coloring, streaking, or ironing as they can strip your hair off its moisture. Let your hair dry naturally and Keep away from blow dryers. Always cover your hair with a silk scarf to guard it from the chill winds.

Load up on nutrition

Eat fruits, veggies and nuts full of antioxidants, and vitamin E and C. It might sound clichéd but is true, ‘you are what you eat.’ The texture of your skin depends not only on the cosmetic treatments, but also on what you eat. A proper nutritious intake helps rejuvenate the skin from within. Winter is also a season of some exotic fruits. Gorge on them to get a glowing skin.

Sweat out the cold

Though difficult to extricate oneself from the comfy couch, daily workouts are a must. Exercise generates enough heat in the body to make you feel as if it’s 30 degrees warmer than it actually is.

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