Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Plan Prevention In Change of Season

To avoid flu and seasonal ailments, you need to enhance your immunity. And to achieve it you must follow this plan of prevention:

Eat simple and call for ‘C’ factor during change of seasons as it can be difficult for your immune health. Ayurveda explains eating home cooked food, which is freshly made and green vegetables like lauki, karela, tinda, parwal enhance your digestion, which is boosts your immune health. Also, take a supplement or have fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C, before the onset fresh season. Try starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice to detox your body system.

Watch the water you drink as water can get contaminated because of many reasons and all these reasons overlap with poor hygiene,” explains Dr. Anil Arora, Senior Consultant Gastroenterology with Ganga Ram Hospital. Diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, gastroenteritis and cholera come under waterborne diseases. This happens when home-water supply pipe lines get contaminated with sewer pipe lines. So it gets necessary to screen the water your drink. It is better to drink RO or mineral water.
Indulge in fresh air and exercise as it helps enhance your immune health. However, lazy or sluggish you feel it makes sense to drag yourself for those brisk walks, or aerobic sessions as it releases endorphins, the feel good hormones.

Don’t let the bug byte; especially be wary of mosquito-bites, as in change of season infectious diseases like malaria and dengue gets quite frequent. Avoid getting the water stagnant within your house and around your surroundings to keep mosquito-borne diseases at bay. Of all the methods available to avoid mosquito bite, mosquito nets are the safest and the best and there is no recurring expense either. Get screens installed on your windows to keep the pesky bugs out and wear full-sleeved clothes in the evening. However, by any chance, if you are bitten, follow the tips below to outcast the sting instantly:
• Wash the area well with water and soap.
• Cold compress helps many people, so it’s worth a try.
• Calamine lotion works and so does calendula ointment, which is an excellent repellent and counter irritant.
• Rub dry soap over the mosquito bite. It reduces the itchy feeling and the swelling.
• You can also use a banana peel. This provides relief from the bites.
• Apply ice over the mosquito bite
• Some people swear by a small blob of toothpaste on the sting.

Watch out your habits. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you use a public toilet or if you work with people who are unwell. Try to avoid shaking hands with anyone who has a cold. Especially, never touch your face with unwashed hands. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer gel to use when you can’t reach a washbasin. Use a cool-mist humidifier to counteract the drying effect of central heating and keep indoor air moist.

Get some rest. Yes you must practice relaxation techniques all year round, especially during change of season. Research suggests that the more stress you’re under, the more likely you are to become ill.

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