Monday, December 10th, 2012

Care for Your Heart in Winters

People with health conditions, like high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders, asthma and joint problems need to exercise caution because cold weather aggravates their condition. This winter exercise caution and stay healthy. Priya Singh tells you more……..

Listen to your heart
Cold and foggy weather during winter can be stressful for your heart. “This is the time when there is 50% increase in the incidences of heart attack,” says Dr Hansa Gupta. Such high numbers call for an explanation and Dr Gupta offers it, “During this season people tend to overeat, especially rich and oily food. Again cold weather is a perfect excuse to bunk exercise. Combine this with the drinking of alcohol and smoking and there is a perfect recipe brewing for heart attack.”

The early morning surge in blood pressure combined with narrowing of arteries stresses the diseased heart. This leads to breakage of plaque on the arterial walls, which in result leads to formation of clots that stops the supply of blood to the heart, popularly known as heart attack.
What heart patients need to remember is that they just can’t chuck their heart friendly lifestyle (read eating right foods and exercise) at the pretext of the cold weather. Other than lifestyle the normal flu that becomes so common during winter can also stress your heart. The microbial agents that cause flu can make the plaque on arterial walls unstable and cause their rupture, which can lead to heart attack.

Preventive Steps
1. Elderly people who are confirmed hypertensive or cardiac patients should go for a flu shot.
2. Avoid cold water baths, a part of religious rituals and very early morning walks.
3. Remember to keep yourself warm by dressing in layers.

In this party time, you need to care for your more to enjoy carefree.

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