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Breeze through Winter

winterWinter is a healthy season, yet there are minor glitches like cold, cough, flu and dry skin. My Health Guardian enlists tips which will help you breeze through winter.

Three steps to breeze through winters:

1. Fight flu. There are no prizes to guess that flu flourishes more in winter season. In fact, the very name “influenza,” is an Italian word that some historians proposed, originated in the mid-18th century as influenza di freddo, or “influence of the cold.” Researchers have discovered that flu is more common in winter because the virus is more stable and stays in the air longer when the air is cold and dry. You need to emphasize on your immunity to beat the flu factor.
What should you do
• Start having coloured fruits and vegetables.
• Better stew the veggies in soup and drink it up every evening in place of your regular cuppa to get the fill of antioxidants.
• Do a crash course of Vitamin C to rev up your immune system.
• Alternatively, spike your drinking water with lemon juice and have it throughout the day to bolster your immunity.


2. Beat blues. For some of us winter is synonymous with irritability, decreased energy, and changes in appetite which lasts till the spring. Fix up a plan of mood boosters to overcome the weather induced depression.
What should you do
• Spend some time everyday soaking the sunlight.
• Drink water. We get irritated when we are thirsty.
• Come what may get some exercise and establish meaningful social contact. (read meeting with people)
• Get the zing of orange in your life. Paint a wall in orange, get a mantle piece in this colour or drape an orange sari to beat the blue.

3. Happy skin.  Dry skin, chapped lips, coarse elbows, rough heels and split ends are the thoughts that the prospects of impending winter months bring to your mind. Scare those thoughts away with the right beauty products—heavy duty moisturiser, toner, lip balm, hair nutrition masks and foot and hand creams.

What should you do
• Limit hot showers.
• Get a monthly oil massage.
• Use gentle face cleansers and dab your face with rose water later to keep it hydrated.
• Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean that you can ditch sunscreen. Continue with the SPF 15 protection as earlier. Add equal amounts of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice together to get an effective and inexpensive hand moisturising lotion.
Cold weather doesn’t give you license to skip exercise and gorge on food and alcohol. Eat a balanced diet to tide over the mood induced sugar cravings. As your mood improves you are less likely to crave sugary temptations.

Exercise and exposure to sunlight will help brighten up the blues.

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