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Are You Guilty of Committing These Beauty Mistakes

skinTill now we were battling with oily skin and all of a sudden we have to grapple with dry skin. As the day starts getting chilly and  winter knocks hard on our doors, most of us go lazy and get reluctant to follow our daily grooming habits. But, the worst happens when we start following wrong beauty practices in winters; which as a result give dry and dull skin, chapped lips, cracked feet, etc.

You can keep your skin soft and supple by avoiding winter skin care blunders. Priya Singh tells you about commonly committed beauty blunders and how to avoid those.

Taking hot shower bath: Hot shower might be soothing to your soul, but wreaks havoc on your skin. Hot water causes the blood vessels under the skin to dilate, which results in loss of moisture. If you can’t tolerate cold water, shower with luke warm water limiting the duration to about 3 – 5 minutes. Also, after your shower, gently pat your skin dry and don’t rub it with a towel. And, apply moisturiser while the skin is still damp as the open pores allow for deeper penetration and hydration.

Using the wrong body cleanser: Using harsh soap will leave your skin feeling dry; avoid soap based facial cleansers too. During winter there isn’t much moisture in the air, therefore, it’s necessary to use a non-foaming cleanser such as natural pH based handmade soap. You can go for Guardian Xtracare range of natural handmade soaps.

Scrub in winters worsen dry patches: Exfoliation always regenerates the lower layers of the skin and helps hydrate the skin, whether it’s shiny day or cold. Keep skin smooth and radiant by exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week with a scrub containing gentle beads and add a hydrating lotions or rich night cream to your routine for supple soft look.

Thick creams hydrate well: Thick creams cause dead skin cells, make-up and other dirt and grime to gather and clog the pores. Moreover it prevents the cream from penetrating deeper into the layers of the skin. Cosmetologists recommend trying water based body lotions and face serums as these help in collagen regeneration and skin hydration. Use serums in combination with other hydrating agents to nourish the skin in winters.

Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer: The winter weather doesn’t spare anyone and all skin types are subject to drying in this season. Those with oily skin types just need to know the type of creams to use. Rather than using rich creams that may further aggravate problems on an oily skin, use water-based gels or lotions.

Skipping SPF: Even during winter the sun can still be damaging to your skin, even if you are only outside for 30 minutes. For daytime, choose a moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) that is at least SPF 30.

Using wrong lip balm: Loading your lips won’t help if you use the wrong products. Refrain from using petroleum jelly-based products and those fragrant, flavoured and coloured lip balms as they create an artificial layer and stops the skin to produce natural lipids that keep the lips hydrated. Look for balms that contain cocoa butter or other such deep hydrating agents. Also avoid licking your lips; it causes them to dry further.

Neglecting your neck You always remember to your soft supple face and blush your cheeks, but why forget your neck. While it’s true that your neck will always naturally be a bit lighter than your face, but a white, dry neck and glowing face is never in style. Dab you neck with same skin care basics what you do for face.

Forgetting your hands and feet: Neglecting your feet and hand all winter long will only make them look more cracked and chapped. Go for manicure and pedicure every 6 weeks or treat yourself by soaking your hand and feet in a mixture of warm water and milk (the lactic acid will help loosen dead, dry skin!), removing the dead skin with good filer and smoother. Pat dry and then moisturise with a cream hand and foot cream.

In addition to all above, never go lazy with your fitness regime. No matter what the season is, make no excuse to exercise as boosts your circulation, tones your muscles, keeps you mentally alert, turn your skin cells over faster, burns calories and make your body function more optimally. Also no bargain with you dose of wellness; sleep 6-7 hours to look better.

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