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Weight Loss Roadblocks in Summer

Weight Loss Roadblocks in Summer (2)When we think of summer, exposy body and sleeky clothes comes automatically to our thoughts. But, to the most, we think of long lazy vacation time- when we party and prefer to chill out lounging next to the grill for one of our most favorite past times…eating yummy food and drinking chill beer! Hot dogs, chips, burgers, breezer and crushers…there’s no better time to indulge in these than summers. Well, with whole lot of such activities to get indulged, we tend to leave our regular fitness regime somewhere on the way…And there comes the weight loss road blocks.

My Health Guardian divulges to inform you about the 5 major hurdles of your weight loss regime in summers. Also read to know how to plan a healthier holiday.

Too hot to exercise: Managing your weight in the summer time becomes real challenging because of excessive heat and sweat strokes. And for this reason we intend to be irregular to exercises. Inconsistency with workouts is one of the major problems that cause people to gain weight in the summer. Many gym-goers opt for outdoor activities rather than going to the gym during the summer.

Be careful to fix it: What so ever may be the reason, never cheat on your exercise time. Follow your regular fitness regime, be it yoga, aerobics or gym. Do not skip. To save yourself from heat, try to schedule it at evening or post evening. And plan your eating habit accordingly to complement the regime.

Improper meals- Due to excessive heat, in summers we tend to skip our meals. Forget about the mid meals, we do not even eat three day meal properly. This long hours of empty stomach leads to weight gain in summers.

Be smart and switch to meal replacement drinks if you do not feel like eating. This would keep a check on your weight.

Chill with beer – Summer comes and everyone becomes passionate about beer. It must really be playing miracle to beat the heat. But, it equally hampers your weight loss regime.

Do avoid excessive indulgence in beer. It poisons your complete slimming program. Be aware.

Vacation means eat and drink without a full stop: Summer is the time to go for vacation. And with vacation comes indulgence; to eat, drink, and do all those that would for sure lead you to gain weight.

Be wise. Vacation can even be defined as time to for doing something new and interesting like going for dance class. An hour twist with music would give you many way favors to you, it will de-stress you, keep you charming and would also keep a guard on your weight.

Day to sleep and night chill is summer: Holidays falls in summer and so we switch over to our other way opposite schedule. We enjoy sleeping during the lazy summer days under conditioned temperature and come out of our cells as the evening falls. This late night cookouts and parties again imbalances our body equilibrium. Our sleep habit also gets affected. All these swapping in the otherwise lifestyle also proves as a weight loss roadblock during summers


The only way to fix these roadblocks is to keep active as much as possible during the summer. Try to get involved in many interesting activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, walking or dancing that you can do without having to step into a gym. Be trustful to your physical activity plan for at least three times a week. Although cheat days are allowed, do encourage yourself to follow a nutritional plan. As we go for cook outs most of the time in summers so it’s advisable to stay close to your diet plan as possible, particularly if you have a low metabolism or are prone to gaining weight.

- By Priya Singh

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