Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Healthy Food Habits for Summer

Healthy DietDifferent seasons have unique qualities and energies. And eating as per the season is a key aspect to a healthy nutritional life. But in summer as the living becomes easy, so does the access to seasonal foods that tempt you off your summer routine. So what you need is to plan and follow a nutritional diet chart to stay healthy this summer.

For those who previously set health, diet or nutrition resolutions but wrapped them under the throw during the winter winds, it’s again the right time to get back on track. You get started on your way to a healthier diet for summers and stick on to it to lose some weight and look better in those skin showing summer clothes. We at myguardianhealth.com have come up with a healthy list of things that you can do to make sure that you are buff and ready for the summer and summer activities. Try this simple list of things and follow healthy diet plan to get ready for this season.

Be smart while eating – Break your meal in smaller meals and small snacks to let your body use the food properly to keep energized. The key to a healthy diet plan is to eat smarter than before. Start eating in a very structured and focused way. No matter how you have been eating you must now start eating every couple or three hours. Eat breakfast at 8, lunch at 12.30, and take you dinner at 6.30. Avoid oily, heavy food and stick to salads and fiber rich food. Lady finger is easily available and is the best veggie in summer.

Now all you have to do is add snacks (really just smaller meals) at 10 am, 3 pm and 9 pm. Now you must be wondering, what you should be eating. Go for fresh fruits and nuts, but avoid the fried ones. The best pick would be juicy fruits and salads to munch at snack time. A brisk low fat content biscuits is also a good option. For post dinner snacks you can go for a glass of warm milk.

Track your protein and carbohydrate intake - What you eat is the next thing that is important. You should get a good idea of what is a carb based food and what is a protein based food. Animal proteins like eggs and meat are not easy to digest and can pose a digestion problem during summer periods. However you can include pulses and fishes, yogurt and fruits in your diet to gain proteins. Nuts are good option for snacks time; but avoid eating fried ones. Roasted or plain would be a better option.

This may be initially harder than you expect but in the end this adjustment will pay great dividends in having a healthy diet for summer.

Drink plenty of water- To have fun during summers at the maximum level, include lots of water in your daily diet. We lose too much water in summers due to sweating so gulp good amount of plain water to replenish it. It will keep your body and skin well-hydrated, cool and healthy.

Avoid fast foods and junks - Stay away from fast foods and greasy, oily food items during summers as they heat the thermal system of your body and make you feel lethargic.

Avoid too much addition of oil and spices in your dishes as it would just increase fat intake and would leave you feel heavy and uneasy.

Say big ‘no’ to carbonated, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Keep in mind that fizzy soft drinks or beer shots do provides temporary relief from scorching heat of summers but they enhances the uneasiness in body and suck water from your body to neutralize the sugar concentration.

These steps to a healthy diet plan will make a big difference this spring and summer to make you healthier.

Priya Singh

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