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Breeze through Summer

sun with glassesDid you know the skin is the largest organ on your body? This is the only part of the body that can absorb nutrients directly (now, you know why you should go for that warm oil massage). It also implies that your skin is vulnerable to elements (read wind and the sun) and in summer, which is a time for skin show, your skin may complain. And the term skin extends beyond the boundaries of your neckline. My Health Guardian rescues you from all skin woes that might come your way this summer. Just read on…..

Prickly heat: The mother of all skin problems that’s going to affect you in the summer. It happens because sweat, dead cells and dirt clog the pores of the skin. As a result itchy red rashes appear on the skin, more so at the folds of the skin. The treatment plan is quite simple. Bathe twice a day, preferably with antiseptic drops in the bath water. Apply a paste of baking soda on the affected area. Even prickly heat powders and calamine lotion will help relieve the itch. Prickly heat clears on own and there is not much you can do for it except keeping the skin clean and dry.
Sun tan: Close on the heels of prickly heat comes sun tan, sun burn which will distress your skin in summers. Sun tan is a preventive mechanism for our skin, by which the skin darkens in response to exposure to UV rays. Sun burn happens when you had an unplanned excursion in the sun and you were defenceless against the merciless rays of the sun. Sunburn happens more to seniors, children and people with sensitive skin. As a rule of thumb avoid venturing out in the sun between 11 am to 3pm. In case you must go out in the sun do wear broad hats, oversized sunglasses and sunscreen.
However, if you’ve developed sun burn it’s advisable to smear the affected area with Aloe Vera gel to soothe the inflamed skin. Slice open an Aloe Vera leaf spike and apply the clean gel on the affected skin. Calmine lotion too will relieve the stinging sensation. The skin may peel off after a two-three days and fresh skin will appear. Baby the fresh skin and keep it hydrated with a moisturizer and protected with a sunscreen. For Indian skin tone experts recommend sunscreen with SPF protection of 15 to 20. However, if you’re going to hills choose higher SPF and more importantly reapply the sunscreen. These days there are face wipes available with inbuilt sunscreen. Wipe your face clean with it after spending an hour or two outdoors and put the sunscreen once again. Cover the exposed body parts with calamine lotion or sunscreen, because your hands and feet bear the maximum brunt of the rays of the sun.

Body odour: An equally important skin concern that mingles with hygiene problem is the body odour. We all have body odour but the sweat is going to magnify it. Keep underarms clean and use antibacterial soap every day. Pour a few drops of EDT in a mug full of water and splash it all over you when you finish bathing. Allow it to dry on your own. Wear a bit of powder on the skin folds. Wear perfumes or deodorants and a pleasant fragrance will envelop you.

Summer is all about minimalism. Wear cool cottons, floral, pastel prints, little makeup, a lot of sunscreen and breeze through it.

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