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Be Fragrance Wise

perfumes-for-girls1To maintain smelling fresh all day long in the summer is very crucial; but with severe heat strokes and excessive sweaty days it becomes the real challenge for most of us. Believe me, taking showers everyday and just wearing deodorant is not enough to keep smelling good 24×7 in summers. It needs much more concerns as well as cosmetics too!

If you too queue among those troubled with fragrance being vanished very frequently and fight hard not to stink and smell, then follow the below postulated tips. Be fragrance wise and feel the change this summer.

Aromatic deep oil massage – Light pampering massage with essential and nourishing rosemary, lavender or sweet orange oil not only gives a soothing relaxation to your body, but also energizes an aromatic sweet odour deep in your skin pours. You would feel fresh and scented internally. Brand like Blossom Kocher’s Aroma is a good option to select.

Aromatize your bath water with rose petals, mint leaves, lemon juice, camphor oil or cosmetic dew drops for summer cool shower. Soak fresh rose petals, lemon slice or boil mint leaves in your bath water for 15 mins before taking a dip or shower, it would make entire body smell naturally sweet and fresh. Dew drops which are available in different essence in the market are another good option.

Body washes: Good fragmented body wash is a must. It not only cleanses your body deeply, but also leaves you with fresh smelling aroma. You can go any fragrance of your choice and brands. Guardian’s Xtracare Bodywash; Avon’s little black dress; Oriflame’s Honey and sugar and White Tree; Lux body wash are few best selections to opt from.

Nice smelling shampoo – Hairs get stingy very quickly in summers sue to excessive sweat. So daily head wash with good perfumed shampoo is a must in summers. Carry silky sweet smelling tresses everyday to keep feeling fresh. Guardian Xtracare Shampoo is one brand that gives extra care two way- fragrance-wise as well as nourishment-wise.

Body mist: This again is the essential soothing cosmetic steam which you cannot skip in daily grooming items, especially in summer. Shower perfume of Yves Rocher, LO’real, Oriflame are few that leaves you in blossom.

Body deodorants - To smell good throughout the day and to keep the bacterial action in control, deodorants and roll-ons should be sprayed every 5 hours. But first use spray deo immediately after a bath on semi-damp skin
Scented body lotions: Never avoid lotions in summer as your body needs nourishment throughout the summer day. The scented lotions will have less fragrance than the perfumes, but it will keep your skin fresh from deep pores in the summer season.

Body Talc -  Scented body talc keeps sweat on control and also makes you feel perfumed and refreshed all day long.

Foot cream and spray for fresh feet: To get rid of smelly feet personal hygiene is of utmost importance. Try to wash your feet twice a day with mixture of warm water and sea salt to remove any odor from your feet. Good fragrance foot care cream, talc as well as foot spray is must to keep odour at bay in summers.

Perfume is important and spiritual to everyone, be it women or men! With a nice, attractive and unique fragrance around you in the summer, it certainly makes you the hottest and sexiest in the world. In summers, avoid heavy scents and prefer using lighter perfumes like citrus, light floral, fruity scents for women and cologne for men. Spray little amounts on your wrist skin, armpit, and hair as the scent spreads quickly in summers. And if you feel the fragrance has vanished then use it again.

Carry scented wipes to clean and refresh: To give an instant re-touch your sweet smelling persona, scented wipes becomes the must carry item. Whenever you feel hot, use light scented wipes on your face to feel the aromatic essence and freshness.

The personality can be influenced by the factor of your fragrance. So, try to be wise in choosing the aroma for the required season and move confident.

- Priya Singh

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