Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Boost Immunity with Herbs

You can surely preserve your health herb wise. To feel the difference this season, go herbal. But before you get indulge, read on the beneficial factors of these herbs.

Amla, known as Indian gooseberry, is the richest and best source of vitamin C. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, albumin, cellulose, fibre, carbohydrate, sugar and water. It helps reduce all the three body humours—vatta, pitta and kapha, or the air, fire and phlegm; which, when aggravated above their normal limits, cause a disease. The special properties of rejuvenation and revitalising of the entire body systems makes amla highly beneficial for increasing the body’s resistance power.

Turmeric is recommended in a large variety of ailments and also as a potent immunity-boosting herb. It can be used to relieve ailments such common cold, dry itchy skin, joint pains and swelling during winter. Include it in your daily diet to equip your body to fight maladies. Consume About 1 – 3g powder of raw turmeric mixed with warm milk daily at bed time in change of season. It is an effective Ayurveda formulation to boost your immunity.

Ginger is hot in action; it helps in decreasing the aggravated vatta and kapha doshas. Ginger helps fight infections, and boost immunity levels. It provides relief in almost all types of respiratory disorders like cough, cold, pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis. And its hot fomentation is used in arthritis, gout, oedema and other forms of joint and muscle pain. A powder of dry ginger mixed with sesame oil and massaged on the joint provides good relief.

Tulsi or holy basil contains specific anti-infective properties. Ayurveda recommends holy basil to empower immunity and develop respiratory resistance. To find relief, consume fresh tulsi juice made by pounding leaves of the herb, twice a day. Add a few drops of ginger and some honey to this to increase its efficiency to build resistance.
Mulethi is a natural revitalising herb. A number of liquorice formulations are available on the market. Take it in any form to strengthen your body systems and to increase immunity. The powder of this root, when taken with honey and ghee, is sufficient to revive your immunity levels. Not only this, mulethi also acts as a general as well as brain tonic and prevents early ageing.

Ashwagandha is a natural stimulator and rejuvenator, beneficial in boosting immunity and restoring energy levels. It also delays the process of ageing. A powder prepared by pounding the root of ashwagandha can be taken in a dose of 3g – 6g along with a glass of warm milk.

When to call a doctor
Colds are miserable but generally go away on their own, helped along by rest and home remedies. The same goes for less severe cases of flu, however, if you don’t know whether it’s a cold or flu, let the symptoms be your guide. Contact your doctor if you’ve had a fever above 38°C (101°F) for more than three days, or any fever above 39.5°C (103°F). Also, if you start to wheeze, find it hard to breathe, feel severe pain in your lungs, chest, throat or ear, or cough up copious amounts of phlegm, especially if it is bloody or has a greenish tinge, talk to your doctor.

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