Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Makeup for Humid Season



With humidity reaching an all time high, you need to tweak your makeup routine. We tell you what to do:

Wash your face at least twice a day with an oil free face wash. Dab an alcohol free toner on your face after cleaning it. In response to increased humidity your oil glands become overactive, which enlarges the pores of the face to release the oil.

Keep toners handy and splash it on your face to counter the shine effect. If you’re a ‘woman-on-the-go’ tote facial wipes.

Use tinted moisturisers to even out the skin tone.

Give that good old foundation a complete skip. However, if you are one of those addicts who can’t make a move without it, then mix primer with your foundation before you apply. But keep it to minimum.

Loose powders will help you dab the excess oil and keep your skin looking fresh and grease free. This is the time when you need to emphasise on skin cleanliness because humidity can wreak havoc with your skin, which might make your otherwise blemish free skin breakout.

Accentuate your eyes—Forget the drama attached to eye makeup and keep the look simple. Line your eyes with kohl and use water-resistant eye liner for your upper eye lids. If you must wear mascara, wear just one coat and go for ones that can withstand drizzle.

Put a handle on blush. Try to use minimum blush on in monsoon. In case it is must to use then prefer the powdered ones with little lose shimmer touch. Avoid the sticky or cake blush on completely. You can also cheat the look with a smudge of your pink lip liners to create real blushing cham without having any fear of run down in the rain.

Lip service—Following the rule less is more, forget for the time being dramatic shades like berry, red, chocolate and stick to neutral lip-shades. Say no to gooey lip glosses and keep your lips happy with tinted balm.

Must carry bare essentials
Here’s a checklist of bare essentials that you must carry with you always for looking fresh ‘n’ pretty all through the monsoon:

  • Non-alcoholic face wipes to wipe away grime
  • Toner
  • Oil-free moisturizing sunscreen
  • Water proof kohl or eyeliner
  • Sheer lip tint
  • Hair serum to tame that frizz
  • Scrunchies and headbands

Most importantly, go for skin care products that are oil free and will not clog your pores.

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