Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Easy Steps to Fresh Smelling Feet

We are all well aware of the problems of smelly feet. Whether it is shoes and socks, boots, or sandals or for any reason but we can’t run away from smelly feet. The problem is embarrassing and ever existent! And it gets more prominent especially in monsoon as this time is characterized by the humid, wet and sticky climate, which inculcates sweaty feat, wet mucky shoes, fungal infections, athlete’s foot and many other feet diseases. Therefore extra care and concern needs to be given to our feet during the monsoons.

Now let’s go to the basics, to treat smelling. If you sweat a lot you need to emphasize on two things maintain cleanliness and selecting ideal footwear. Here’s what you need to focus on:

Ideal Footwear
The first and foremost necessity is to wear appropriate footwear for the season. During the monsoons the roads are wet and slick with mud and fungus. At such times you need footwear that will give you good grip and will keep your feet as clean as possible.

  • Flotters – Bright colored ‘flotters’, specially made for monsoon, are a rage among college students. You can flaunt them with jeans and skirts and kurtas too. Although the price tag is high for these waterproof floaters, they are worth investing on. They last for years.
  • Flip flops - They are ideal for the rains and come in fabulous colors. Also, since they are usually made of rubber, they dry easily. But they could splash water and cheap brands could prove to be slippery on the roads. Make sure to get one with a good grip.
  •  Rain boots – The old fashioned boots are back in trend. Even women can wear them as they now come in various colors and designs. Ideal for our monsoons, these keep the feet well covered.
  • Plastic \ rubber sandals – Typical monsoon footwear that is usually always available in abundance just before the monsoons. But make sure they fit well, as your feet needs to breathe. Also go for comfort rather than style or looks. Your feet need to be comfortable while travelling, etc.

Maintaining good hygiene matters

  • Clean. Wash your feet twice a day with anti-bacterial soap and allow it to air dry. You can even try anti-acne soap to get rid of the odour on your feet. If you wish to run that extra mile to get rid of smelly feet, dunk tea bags in a warm basin of water and dip your feet in it. The tannic acid in tea kills bacteria and closes your pores. So you’ll have a pair of dry and fresh smelling feet for a long time. You can even inculcate a wonderful ritual of footbath to clean your feet every evening and drop a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar in the warm tub of water before you land your feet in it.
  • Dry your feet well and dust powder on it, before you slip in a pair of cotton socks. Avoid synthetic material at all costs, as they don’t let your feet breathe.
  • Strip. Go bare feet whenever it’s possible. In summer wear open sandals. Keep at least two pairs of shoes and wear them alternately. Put your shoes in sun for some time after using it.
  • Go natural. May be smelly feet are a way of indicating that your body needs some help to eliminate toxins. Drink a lot of water. If possible try ditching sugar and alcohol for a week and check the smell of your feet. Some people have noted good results with zinc supplements. Worth giving a shot!
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