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Common Skin Infections During Monsoon

friends3-rain-colorMonsoon showers offer a welcome reprieve from the scorching summer heat. Unfortunately, your skin doesn’t echo the same sentiments. Because of the humidity and moisture, the skin behaves a bit strange. The damp weather dampens the mood of your skin and your hitherto well-behaved skin turns oily, dry and dehydrated, becoming vulnerable to breakouts and infections. Let’s investigate the rain-connection—

Getting caught in unexpected showers while going to work is one of the main reasons for developing fungal infections in damp body folds. The vulnerable areas are—armpits, groin and the web between our toes. Walking on wet roads and puddles with a slight abrasion may put you at a risk of catching a bacterial infection.

Common skin infections

Ringworm or tinea—ring-like lesions–are a form of fungal infection. They appear in the underarm or around the waist as itchy, irregular round patches that are reddish in colour. Diabetics are more prone and while palm and sole infections take a month to heal, others subside within a few weeks. Treatment is with an antifungal ointment.

Athlete’s foot is a bacterial-fungal infection that erupts when feet are wet for hours, especially after exposure to dirty water. In severe cases, the skin turns whitish or greenish, itches and emits a foul-smelling discharge or pus. Staying dry and carrying a change of footwear to the office will help.

Prickly heat. We sweat profusely during monsoon months. Unfortunately, layering yourself with talcum powder will clog the sweat ducts, making you prone to prickly heat and sweat rash.

Scabies is the result of mite infestation. A sprinkling of red bumps or a rash on hands, wrists, underarms, web of fingers and abdomen are the first signs, and being contagious, need immediate intervention. Often the entire family or members of day-care group or school class will experience scabies together.

Worsening of acne problem in hot humid weather afflicts some people. They need to be particular in keeping their skin dry and should use anti acne preparation. An anti bacterial cream like Betadine would take care of most of the boils.

Preventive tips

  • Keep your body dry.
  • If caught in unexpected showers dry yourself as soon as possible. Change wet undergarments and switch to cotton ones, as they allow body to breathe.
  • Wear sandals if possible to air your feet.
  • Allow damp hair to dry before you tie them again.
  • To circumvent allergies from mosquito bites wear full-sleeved clothes and use a mosquito repellent cream.
  •  Head for air-conditioned rooms.
  •  Use hair sprays and gels to a minimum.
  •  Bathe twice a day.
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