Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

10 Tips to Prevent Flu in the Change of Season

This time of the year, when everyone around you is sneezing or coughing, it seems that it is just not possible to escape flu. Agreed, flu is terribly contagious, still you can prevent it. Believe me, like all things in life, you just need to plan right and stick to the plan. Keep reading to learn more, as My Health Guardian has come with a 10 tips prevention plan. Follow it religiously to enhance your immunity to stay healthy in this flu season.

1. Wash your hands. Bacteria and viruses make you ill by finding a way into your body through physical contact so never eat without washing your hands. Also never miss to wash it even after public transportation or coming in contact of any of public utilities.
2. Eat simply during change of seasons. Change of seasons particularly, the wet weather of monsoon can be difficult for your immune health. Ayurveda explains that you should eat simple, home cooked food, which is freshly made and green vegetables like lauki, karela, tinda, parwal which will enhance your digestion, which is linked to your immune health.
3. Avoid getting social with sick people or even when you yourself are sick. Germs are everywhere, but they are definitely hanging out around someone already infected. So it’s good to politely stay away and disinfect
4. How about getting fresh air and exercising? Yes, it helps enhance your immune health. However, lazy or sluggish you feel it makes sense to drag yourself for those brisk walks, or aerobic sessions. And exercise releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. After a while, you get addicted to it, it’s just the initial struggle to get out of the bed.
5. Don’t drink alcohol in excess, smoke or use other tobacco products. Drinking large amounts of alcohol negatively affects your immune system and makes it weaker for a full 24 hours.
6. Most importantly learn to manage stress to become invincible to cold and flu. Stress is too much of a burden on the body and it begins to crumble under the pressure. Each one of us have to find our own way to manage stress. Delegating work, priortising, listening to music, indulging in your hobby, taking mini vacations are helpful in managing stress. However, the most effective way is meditation and it is no way linked to religion. Try focussing on your breath and when you inhale allow positive thoughts to go in and when you exhale, let the negativity find a way out.
7. There is a bit of conflict on eating cold foods like ice cream during night in order to avoid cold and flu. While Ayurveda recommends avoiding such foods, modern medicine is quiet on it. We would say exercise discretion and avoid extra cold foods at bedtime because you should finish your meals two hours before you hit the bed.
8. Take a multi-vitamin. While eating healthy is the ideal way to get all your nutrients, sometimes we don’t. Taking a multi-vitamin can help fill in the gaps and add fuel to your body’s immune system
9. Take steam or do warm salted water gargles, if you still feel down with flu. You can take a pain killer preferably paracetamol, use rest and avoid antibiotics, because flu is caused by virus.
10. To avoid infections, don’t touch your face frequently – even if you keep your hands clean. Chances are, some germs will survive and they can act only if they get inside you. The mucous membranes in your eyes, mouth and nose are ideal entry points.

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