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Specialists’ Profile

Dr Ambrish Mithal
Name : Dr Ambrish Mithal
Designation: : Chairman and Head of Department at Medanta-the-Medicity
Specialization : Endocrinology and Diabetes.
Profile : He was the first DM in Endocrinology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1987. He is also the President, Endocrine Society of India and is the founder of Indian Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ISBMR)
Dr Dinesh Kansal
Name : Dr Dinesh Kansal
Designation: : Senior Consultant and Head Laproscopic and Gynae Surgeon at BLK Memorial Hospital.
Specialization : Gynae and urology
Profile : She has vast experience of 25 years. Her area of interest includes laparoscopic surgeries for gynaecological and urological concerns in women.
Dr. Jayanti Dutta
Name : Dr Jayanti Dutta
Designation: : Senior Consultant
Specialization : Clinical Psychology (diagnostics, therapeutics, crisis-intervention, pre-marital and marital counselling, as well as rehabilitative therapy)
Profile : She possesses more than three decades of experience in the field, and her areas of professional expertise include diagnostics, therapeutics, crisis-intervention, pre-marital and marital counselling, as well as rehabilitative therapy. She has been closely associated with the Government of India (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education) as an expert advisor with eminent organizations.
Kamal B. Kapur
Name : Dr Kamal B. Kapur
Designation: : Senior Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director
Specialization : Opthalmologist (Eye Specialist)
Profile : He has more than a decade of experience in eye care and he is currently working as Senior Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director at Sharp Sight Medfort Hospitals.
Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee
Name : Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee
Designation: : Senior Consultant Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Max Hospital, Gurgaon.
Specialization : Gynae Concerns (Handles high risk pregnancies, recurrent miscarriages and Infertility)
Profile : She did her Postgraduation from M.P.Shah Medical College Jamnagar and Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, London. She is a recipient of many national as well as international awards for her academic brilliance. Her average day involves handling cases of low risk as well as high risk pregnancies, recurrent miscarriages and Infertility. She is a strong proponent of Vaginal delivery and boasts of a Vaginal delivery rate as recommended by World health Organization
Name : Dr Manjari Tripathi
Designation: : Associate Professor, Department of Neurology and Neurosciences, centre at AIIMS.
Specialization : Neurology
Profile : She completed her training in Neurology at NIMHANS, Bangalore. Exploring human mind is her forte and her areas of specialization include Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine
Dr O.P Garg
Name : Dr O.P Garg
Designation: : Senior Consultant Rheumatologist & HOD, at Dr. BLK Memorial Hospital.
Specialization : Advanced Interventional Rheumatology.
Profile : He has 25 years of unblemished rewarding career in the Armed Forces. He also runs a highly successful campaign called ‘Against Arthritis’ on Facebook to increase awareness about rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr Q. Hasnain
Name : Dr Q. Hasnain
Designation: : Director Nephrology & Kidney Transplant at Primus Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi.
Specialization : Nephrology
Profile : He has been qualified & trained in Australia and worked there as Consultant Nephrologist. When he came to India he set up the Nephrology department and Transplant Program at St. Stephen’s Hospital.
Dr Rajan Bhonsle
Name : Dr Rajan Bhonsle
Designation: : Honorary Professor and Head of the Department of Sexual Medicine at K.E.M. Hospital Mumbai and Seth G.S. Medical College.
Specialization : Sexology
Profile : The Department of Sexual Medicine at the KEM Hospital, Mumbai, is the only one of its kind in the country. He is the -Founder Director of Heart To Heart Counselling Centre and Dean of the Institute of Human Technology (India). He is a senior Consultant in Sexual Medicine & Counsellor, practicing in Mumbai for 25 years.
Dr R. R. Kasliwal
Name : Dr R. R. Kasliwal
Designation: : Chairman of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Community Outreach and Education at the Medanta-the-Medicity
Specialization : Cardiology & Heart Health
Profile : With over 3 decades of experience in Cardiovascular Sciences, he is a Dr. B. C. Roy National awardee, and Chairman of Clinical & Preventive Cardiology, Community Outreach and Education at the Medanta-the-Medicity. He keenly teaches cardiologists in the making.
Dr Sushila Kataria
Name : Dr Sushila Kataria
Designation: : Senior Consultant Internal Medicine
Specialization : Internal Medicine and Non-Invasive Cardiology
Profile : He has more than nine years of experience in Internal Medicine and Non-Invasive Cardiology. She is currently working with Medanta- the- Medicity. She is deeply interested in Geriatric Medicine.
Dr Shikha Mahajan
Name : Dr Shikha Mahajan
Designation: : Senior Consultant
Specialization : Paediatrician and Neo Natal issues
Profile : She has more than 14 years of hospital based experience in managing all kinds of paediatric and neonatal problems. Currently, she is working with Dr. BLK Memorial Hospital as a Senior Consultant. She is a National facilitator by WHO for adolescent health.
Dr Seema Garg
Name : Dr Seema Garg
Designation: : Consultant Pulmonary
Specialization : Lung and Respiratory Health
Profile : She is a Pulmonary Medicine Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in hospital management and has designed the strategies to provide quality healthcare services at affordable rates.
Dr Shehla Agarwal
Name : Dr Shehla Agarwal
Designation: : Director and consultant dermatologist of MEHAK- Derma Clinic and Derma Consultant Sarvodya Hospital, Delhi.
Specialization : Dermatologist
Profile : She is highly experienced dermatologist. Dr. Shehla conducts workshops for public education on skin care, Anti-ageing and other skin and hair related problems all over the country and abroad.
Dr Urvashi Kaw
Name : Dr Urvashi Kaw
Designation: : Consultant at BLK Hospital and Fellow with American Academy of Dermatology
Specialization : Dermatologist
Profile : She has more than nine years of experience in Dermatology and Cosmetology. She is currently associated with Dr. BLK Memorial Hospital, New Delhi and is a Fellow with American Academy of Dermatology. Anti-ageing and treatment of acne remain her special areas of interest.
Dr Vikram Sheel Kumar
Name : Dr Vikram Sheel Kumar
Designation: : Physician and Director of Doctor Kares Hospital, Gurgoan
Specialization : Pain management
Profile : He is a physician and engineer who is the Director of Doctor Kares Hospital, a super-speciality hospital in Gurgaon with a focus on Pain Management. He is the co-Founder and Executive Director of the Ozone Forum of India that trains doctors across the country on ozone therapy.
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