Friday, September 18th, 2009

What do you want from life?

thinkingThe year is coming to an end. This is the time to introspect whether we achieved the goals that we had set in the beginning or not. Life gives what we demand. But do we know what we want? Take this quiz to know how much your life is on the track.

What would you answer if anyone asked you, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

1. I know the answer very well and keep reminding myself what I have to achieve.

2. I sort of know it.

3. I have just no clue!

What’s your possibility of achieving your goal?

1. I have to do it.

2. Probably I will

3. By God’s grace I may

How often do you review your life to find where it is going?

1. Whenever I achieve a success or failure, I mentally review my life to assess where it is going.

2. I would like to do it, but the revelations scare me and I keep procrastinating it.

3. What review! Those are for offices, not my life.

What do you do to upgrade your skills?

1. I read, surf the Internet and attend seminars to upgrade my skills.

2. I would like to upgrade my skills, but I’m too hard pressed for time.

3. I don’t believe in all this.

Do you believe that nothing is impossible?

1. Yes, this is the mantra of my life.

2. Sometimes setbacks do thwart me, but I’m more or less motivated by this.

3. I don’t believe in trying very hard. If success has to come my way, it will come anyway.

Rate yourself

Answers 1—10 points
Answers 2—5 points
Answers 3—0 point

If you’ve scored 0-10 points you are a ‘happy go lucky’ person who doesn’t believe in planning details of life.

If you’ve scored between 15 to 35 points, you are more or less methodical, meticulous and would like to review your goals and keep your life on the track.

If you’ve scored between 40 to 50 points your life is on the track the way you have planned and there is no way it will derail from that.

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