Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Know Your Stress Level

manage your rage

How stressed are you?

1. When someone who I know is misinformed confronts me, I start preparing my corrections while he is still speaking.

2. I don’t easily forget when someone does me an injustice.

3. When there is a discussion on a controversial topic, my tone of voice becomes persuasive and loud.

4. Sometimes I change direction to avoid someone who I don’t like.

5. I feel annoyed when family, friends or colleagues do not understand my needs.

6. If I am in a state of conflict with someone, I can close off communication with him.

7. When I am about to face an important or demanding situation, my tension increases.

8. I feel frustrated when I see someone else struggle less than I do, and even so, have more success.

9. I nurture critical thoughts easily.

10. Impatience takes hold of me more frequently than I would like.
11. Sometimes I become disheartened and want to give up.

12. I can be very aggressive in my business, in the traffic or even when playing games for fun.

13. I struggle emotionally with things in life that I find are unjust.

14. Whenever I am in a role of authority, I may speak roughly or insensitively.

15. I am known for having a ‘don’t care’ attitude regarding the needs of others.

16. I usually have very little time or am crunched for time.

17. I waste a lot of time searching for papers, files etc.

18. Sometimes I feel demotivated to work for unrecognised reasons
Give yourself one point for each ‘yes’ and zero for a ‘no’ now calculate your score.
•0 – angel
•5 – very empowered/strong person – keep it up
•10 – you are under a good amount of stress and now is the time to start working on it
•15 – BURNOUT – stress has probably taken a toll on your health and relationships and you have many disappointments—-you need to keep stress management on top priority

(Inputs provided by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya)

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