Friday, September 18th, 2009

Do you or your emotions rule?

emotions-rule1Take this test to know where you stand.

Your normally gentle and mild-mannered boss has been harsh on you for some reasons unknown to you. How do you react?

a. You leave his office almost in tears.

b. You try to take this in your stride but avenge this on your subordinates by scolding them for no reason.

c. You wait until your boss is again in good mood and explain your position to him.

You love chilling out with friends and pulling pranks on them. How do you react when the tables are turned?

a. You get out from there saying that you hate all this.

b. You continue staying there but make your displeasure obvious.

c. You take this in your stride.

Your mother-in-law has come to stay with you for a month and you and your mum-in-law are as similar as chalk and cheese. How do you cope?

a. You try to find a common thread on which you can talk and bond and deliberately avoid sensitive subjects.

b. You shut yourself in your room, once you are back from office, so that there is a minimum interaction and confrontation as well.

c.  You fight at the drop of the hat

You have gone to a party with your husband and feel bored between his business associates and colleagues.

a. You make your displeasure as obvious as it could be.

b. You pretend you are having a good time but start shouting at the husband the moment you are alone in the car, not caring about the driver.

c. You go ahead and introduce yourself to people and have a good time at the party.

You have an important meeting scheduled and the drycleaner has ruined the business suit that you are supposed to wear. How do you react?

a. You start screaming at the poor delivery boy loud enough for everyone in the neighbourhood to hear.

b. You are extremely upset and stay in the bad mood for the next whole day over the ruined dress.

c. You accept that anyone can make mistake, but change your drycleaner.

Answers a—0 point
Answers b—5 points
Answers c—10 points

What’s your score?
If you have scored between 40 to 50 ‘patience’ is your middle name and your feelings are under your control.

If you have scored 15 to 40 your emotions are mostly under your control, but sometimes they do rule you. The higher your score is in this bracket more in control are your emotions.

If you have scored 0 to 15 your emotions rule all the time, which is not good for people around you.

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