Friday, September 18th, 2009

Are you a workaholic?


Your family was sure of it; you somewhat suspected it. Take this quiz to know where you stand? There is fine line of distinction between a hard worker and workaholism. Sometimes we overstep, but the problem brews when this distinction is blurred more often, so much so that work becomes the driving force of your existence.

How many hours do you put in at work every week?

  1. 40-45 hours
  2. 45-55 hours
  3. 55 and more

What’s the first thing you do when you wakeup?

  1. Draw curtains and allow sunlight to come in.
  2. Think of your appointments at work that day.
  3. Check your Blackberry

How many times have you missed your family appointments because of work in the last six months?

  1. Once or twice
  2. Around five to seven times
  3. What family!

How would you feel if you are forced to take a day’s off on a beautiful day?

  1. You would relish the idea and immediately try to put it to best use by bonding with your family.
  2. Whether you would enjoy it or not would depend on your schedule.
  3. You would feel nervous, edgy at the prospect of spending whole day without work.

How would you react to your family if you lost an important deal at the work?

  1. You would be the same person because you know to segregate your work and personal life.
  2. For a day or two you will be in a bad mood, but would get over it.
  3. You would be in a lousy mood for days together and purge your guilt by spending more hours at work.

Rate yourself

Answers 1—0 point
Answers 2—5 points
Answers 3—10 points

If you have scored 0-10 points you have struck perfect work-life balance. Your colleagues might be envious of you, but you are doing a great job and keep it up!

If you have scored 15 –35 points you are on the path of becoming a workaholic. The higher you score in this bracket; greater are your chances of becoming one.

If you have scored between 40 to 50 points you are a confirmed workaholic and need help to find meaning in your life beyond work.

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