Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Three ‘S’ Factors That Can Kill Your Man

Most men manage their health, usually by the dictum, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This approach puts them on the reactive mode and they have to fight health complications. Before we investigate health complications in men folk, it pays to understand, what’s causing them?

Stress causes distress. Stress can affect anyone, but men seem to suffer from it a lot more than women. A little amount of stress is good, because it helps to improve performance. It hurts when it pervades our lives and we start jumping at the slightest provocation. Under stress our bodies release hormones including adrenaline to prepare us for a “fight or flight” response to demanding situations. Stress can come from several sources: Relationship, financial worries and work. The people who are prone to stress are called type ‘A’ personalities. They are perfectionists, impatient and fly into rage at slightest provocation. The price they pay for their perfection is rather steep, and they have greater likelihood of developing heart disease as compared to chilled out people. Now, you know why you should take that chill pill at ‘work’? Work place stress is a serious concern for a whole lot of working professionals. But, most of us do not realize that we are biting more than we can chew! Certainly, there are symptoms, which we tend to ignore.
The problem faced by majority of us is that we don’t realize when our work has begun to overwhelm us. Since, we can’t escape stress at work we’ve to learn to find ways to manage stress and maintain our equilibrium too. Reacting in rage and hostility will get us closer to heart attack.

Other than heart, high levels of stress can trigger onset of type 2 diabetes (adult-onset-diabetes), if you have the genetic link (your mom or dad has diabetes). This is a start of a vicious circle. Cardiologists all over the world concur that diabetics are more likely to get heart problems. And it all started because you worried a lot about the future that no one has seen!

Sedentary lifestyle is killing us. Obesity is closely linked to diabetes, particularly fat stored around abdomen, warns Dr. Ambrish Mithal, HoD Endocrinology at Medanta-the-Medicity. Diabetes also has a precursor, which warns its arrival, known as Syndrome X, a reversible condition.
If you have three out of five symptoms, you need to change your lifestyle. Get some form of exercise, I eat fruits and vegetables and learn ways to manage stress.

Besides, diabetes and the resultant heart disease, sedentary lifestyle is responsible for arthritis, acidity and sleep difficulties too.

Smoking has the licence to kill. Smokers feel that cigarette is a cool accessory which helps them unwind after a long day at work, but, the truth is at odds with this perception. Dr. Jayanti Dutta, a well known, Delhi based clinical psychologist says, “Cigarette does no good to soothe your frayed nerves. Actually, it alters your blood chemistry and stimulates stress hormones.” India has some 200 million active tobacco users. Recent studies show that tobacco is emerging as a giant killer in India.

It is a major cause of all cancers in India according to the latest cancer registry data compiled by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). ICMR studies show that tobacco is the most common reason of cancer in men. Smoking hampers your performance in the bedroom, dries your skin and depletes your bones.

To keep your man hale and hearty, you need to know when his body is not functioning well and needs support. This can be gauged only through health checks.

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