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Step by Step Guide to Quit Smoking

Quitting is not easy. Ask a smoker. Some quit cold turkey but some struggle through the process. If you too have reached the end of your hope, My Health Guardian comes to your rescue. We give you a concentrated step by step guide to quit smoking. Sounds good, isn’t it? Continue reading…


Our expert, Dr. Sajeela Maini, Quit Smoking Specialist at Ganga Ram helps you through the quit smoking resolution.

Step by step guide:

  1. Pick a stop date when you are relatively relaxed.
  2. Make a list of the reasons why you want to quit. Keep the list handy for easy reminder.
  3. Make another list of why quitting won’t be easy for you.
  4. Throw away all of your tobacco and tobacco reminders.
  5. Get determined to try a nicotine replacement alternative, at time when you feel strong urge to smoke.
  6. Tell your friends that you’re quitting. Ask them not to pressurise you about smoking. Find other things to do with them besides smoking.
  7. When your stop date arrives, JUST STOP!

Get over the cravings

  • Chew sugarless gum or sunflower seeds, ground mint or, caffeine free herbal tea leaves.
  • Go for nicotine replacement. You can try Switch electronic and herbal cigarettes.
  • Calling a friend or going for a movie can also be a good option to distract your surge.

Enroll to a tobacco cessation program

Smoking cessation requires a structured intervention by a Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Program, in which both the physiology and psychology of tobacco addiction needs to be addressed; and the smoker is provided with a step-by-step assistance during the quit attempt. It is essentially a “Lifestyle Treatment Program”, comprising of seven to eight intensive counseling sessions, to help the smoker quit the habit successfully and to maintain the abstinence for life.

The treatment program essentially takes care of the two very important aspects of quitting.

  • We help you to quit the lethal addiction.
  • We train you in relapse prevention, so that you remain a quitter always.

The treatment involves a detailed assessment procedure that also includes psychometric testing and physiological testing. We have a Smoke check machine, in which we assess the CO levels in smokers.

Besides, we do the psychotherapeutic interventions. These include harmonious mix of motivation enhancement therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioural skills training and relapse prevention. The behavioural interventions are based on the theory that learning processes operate in the development, maintenance and cessation and smoking. Major goals of the therapy are to change the antecedents to smoking, to reinforce nonsmoking and to teach skills to avoid smoking in high-risk situations.

Pharmacotherapeutic intervention includes medicines to help control the urges/withdrawals; and to make the quitting easier. We use a combination of various therapies (Nicotine Replacement therapy, Burproprion HCl Therapy, Varenicline Tartrate therapy) to help control the withdrawals and unpleasantness while quitting smoking. We also teach yogic exercises to help smokers expel toxins and revive their lungs.
Duration of the program involves 7-8 therapeutic sessions, spread over a period of 2 weeks. The treatment is scheduled to be intense, powerful and effective.
Cost of the program varies from Rs. 5000 – Rs 7000.

Success rate of the program: With our sustained efforts; and intensive intervention module, we could achieve a quit success rate of 80% over a period of three months follow up.

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