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Men are Paying Attention!


mens-skin-care_100432680% of men claim they try to look attractive and stylish at all times. Earlier they were satisfied with the creams and lotions that their mother and sister used, but now they are demanding products that are specially designed for them. And their demands are being generously conceded by the markets today.

Women are more beauty conscious than men- no longer holds water. Today, even men are paying similar prices as women for their beauty products. Why not, even they have beauty needs, they too have the right to get noticed and stay looking younger longer. But, unlike women, they cannot usually camouflage behind makeup, so all the more reason to take utmost care of their skin and overall health to look their best.

As men’s skin has bigger pores, than women’s skin, it is highly prone to oiliness, blemishes and acne. Daily cleaning and occasional scrubbing is a must. Choose products that are all-natural and fragrance- free, if possible, to avoid irritation.

Exfoliate:  Cleaning and exfoliating the skin regularly is a must to have a radiant and smooth skin. Men have oilier skin than women so they should use a soap-free cleanser and a face gel or a water based moisturizer. A moisturizer that contains clay properties can also be used. Also splash some water on the face every few hours.
Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin cells, blackheads and white heads – think of giving your skin a scrub. Ginseng Actif For Men Daily Face Scrub is a complete package for the rugged skin. Gently rub it onto the skin in circular motions using your fingertips Follow it up with a homemade face pack. After a few minutes rinse it off. One can use a face scrub twice a week.

Always wear a sun block or a sunscreen when moving about in the sun, to protect your skin from getting tanned by the the dreaded UV rays.
Ginseng Actif For Men 3 In 1 Daily Hydrating Lotion (Tube) 50ml) generously on the body. Then lie down on your bed .While your face soaks in the goodness of the lotion, just feel your partners hand in yours and enjoy your companionship.

Face treatment: Commuting miles on a daily basis actually takes a toll on the men’s skin leaving it dry, red and irritated by the end of the day. Apply a good hydrating lotion . Before you shave, wash your face with a soap-free face wash, wet the beard with warm water and let it soak well for a minute or two. Apply the shaving cream in equal proportions and use one that contains vitamin E, as it would be less harsh on your skin. After shaving, finish with a soothing aftershave balm or your daily moisturizer
Choose a shaving gel, cream or foam that is gentle, colourless, irritant free and ideally, non fragrant.. Stay away from lemon, orange menthol, peppermint, alcohol, lime,, grapefruit, eucalyptus, camphor or mint. Even your aftershave should also be free of the above ingredients. Ginseng Actif For Men High Precision Shaving Foam 50ml, launched by Guardian serves the purpose. Try it.

Hair Care

The commonest hair problems that men face are hair loss, gray hair and dandruff. This is basically due to lack of use of compatible hair care products and also due to the raving dust, pollution and harmful UV rays of the sun. The following hair care tips will help you improve your hair and will rid you of hair problems.

  • Care for your scalp. Always use a mild shampoo, followed by a hydrating conditioner. If you have dandruff, use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.
  • Wash your hair at least thrice a week and massage your hair and scalp with oil that contains vitamin E. Leave the oil on for a few hours before you wash it off.
  • Always use lukewarm or cool water for hair wash. Very hot water can ruin the texture of your hair leaving it dry and listless.
  • Do not blow dry your hair often as it might lead to breakage. Let your hair air dry and do not brush wet hair.
  • Make sure you get your hair cut or trimmed regularly and wear a cap or hat when venturing out in the sun and pollution.

Pamper your hands and feet

Your hands and feet too need equal attention. Well-manicured nails and toes cater to good hygiene and grooming habits. Take time to clip and file your nails at home.

With inputs from- Dr. Dhruv Gupta- Dermatologist-Paras Hospitals

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