Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Prepare Your Kid for the Play School

kpz16The earlier the things are registered in their minds the longer will they last and be a part of their routine activities.

Ways to prepare your child for the new world-Playschool.

  •  Put your child in a play school only after he is past two years of age
  • See that he has up-to-date immunization records before entering the play school.
  • When touring the school take your child along to so that he knows what happens in the class.
  • Explain him what all happens in the school.
  • Visit the school at break-time to show children playing happily outside. Talk about the fun they are having.
  • Read books to him about other play school children.
  • Tell him about his friends and cousins who go to school and the fun they have there.
  • Interact with him about his interests and the things he’ll enjoy there – for example, “there’ll be swing, slides, monkey bars, lots of sand to play with –there will be so much fun”.
  • Tell him that the various enjoyable activities he’ll be doing there are the things he already does at home – block building, painting, drawing, cutting and pasting and listening to stories, for example.
  • Never say good-bye to your child. Make him understand that you will be there for him once he is back from school.
  • Create a daily and health care routine for your kid. Establish set times for breakfast, lunch, dinner, play and even watching television.

Inculcate healthy habits such as;

  1. Make him toilet trained. And tell him to let the teacher know when he needs to go to the toilet.
  2. Train him to wash his hands after using the toilet, playing at the park, and being at a friend’s house.
  3. Make him learn to chew food properly.

Children learn faster by observing others doing things. The best way is to set a good example by following good habits yourself, like washing and brushing your teeth and hair in front of your child regularly.

When visiting pre-schools, do check on the hygienic facilities and inquire on their policies of nappy changing, if your kid is on diapers. And if the child is potty-trained, ask the teachers on how they facilitate “potty-time” and make sure that the toilets are clean and well equipped with potties and sinks for your child. Ensure sure the play-school is not very far from your house.

*Be creative with your child and develop good hygiene habits in them by setting good examples as a parent.

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