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Sail through the School Interviews

By Dr. Reema Sehgal, Delhi based well-known child counsellor

school interviewEntering into the school life is one of the many exciting milestones of childhood. However, it can also be a stressful time for both children and parents. When it comes to getting children admitted to formal schools, most parents take it very seriously. No wonder, you feel anxious about how you and your child will perform in the interview.

Admission at nursery level is generally based on an oral test of the child and interview of the parents. The main objective of the oral test is to observe the child to see what all qualities the child has; whether the child is active , whether the child has got the capabilities to understand what the other person says and if so, how much receptive the child is, etc. Usually, if your child is attending a pre-school, he is already well prepared. Yet, it is important to brush up on the syllabus.

Things a four-year-old is expected to know

Children are usually between 31/2 to 41/2 years old during nursery interview. They are expected to be aware of the environment around and should be capable of identifying the things in the environment and their uses or characteristics. Further, some basic courtesies like wishing or saying bye-bye etc would anyway add to your child’s personality, confidence and comfort. As a general guideline the following may be of help-
• Identification of birds and animals, vegetables, fruits
• Identification of common objects like household articles such as table, chair, pen, pencil, car, etc.
• Recitation of one or two rhymes, songs or prayers
• Child’s and family members’ names. Many children have pet names and formal names. Start addressing your child by his formal name at least a month in advance so he becomes familiar with his name.
• Name the days of the week, colours, common flowers, etc.

Inspite of all these preparations it’s absolutely normal and OK for your child to get into one of those mood swings and not answer at all! Relax; the school is supposed to know this age group and their discomfort with strangers.

How should parents prepare

Almost all good schools conduct an interaction with parents in the admission process. Even strong willed parents get jitters while preparing for the interaction.

1. Revise what you wrote in the form. Many schools ask parents to fill a lengthy form asking them to enumerate strengths and weaknesses of their child, and there are questions designed to find about the parent and child bonding. If you’ve bluffed the answers or have designated someone else to fill these answers then you’ve a reason to worry, because the interview committee generally sits with it to crosscheck you. Ideally, you should keep a photocopy of the answer-sheet and go through it before you meet the interview committee.

2. Dress formally. For men trousers and shirt is fine and women can opt for Western formals or drape a sari.

3. Brainstorm a bit. There will be tricky questions like how do you spend time with your child. If both of you’re working, you should have a consensus on the answer. This holds true for the kind of values you would like to instill in the child as well.

4. Have you applied anywhere else? This query is the most difficult to answer. It’s better to put your cards on the table, but you should insist why you would like your child to get admitted to that particular school. This involves a bit of research on the history and the cultural values of the school.

Remember to smile. This curve sets a lot of things right.

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