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How to Choose Summer Camp

pottery making16-year-old Anand Bhaduria has just given his Class X exam and this summer he’ll be going to Jim Corbett to learn how to survive in wilds. Same goes the story of many other kids who have decided to drop down those old parables of visiting relative’s place and are ready to to learn something new! If you too have been hunting high and low and exchanging notes with friends and colleagues on the ‘perfect’ summer camp for your child then continue reading. Priya Singh puts together an assortment of activities that will keep busy tiny-tots to teenaged kids, even adults.

Children at Kindergarden Stage and those who have indoor preferences would love to go for pencil shading course, canavas painting, skating, and calligraphy classes to develop the art of hand-writing and much more. There are also swimming classes at local pools which train adolescents to swim. Plus a trip to a water park will also enthrall both child and the parents.

How about Theatre, Music and Magic Tricks for 8 to 16 years. These three activities will enchant any child and help him learn to face audience. Facing an audience is not an easy task and it could be unnerving for many children or even grown-ups, divulge many camp designers. These activities, especially theatre, helps to make your kid self confident and get across his message to audience. Music also allows us to deal with our emotions and express our feelings. Magic is fun and even helps to become tactful to handle the tricks, thereby sharpening your mind. While doing these, children learn to face the audience as well as get to know the importance of team work too. What more do you want? You can get your child enrolled in Barry John’s four weeks classes at any of his centers.

The two ‘P’s, Pottery and Puppetry’ are another best options for all those having extra inclination in creativity side. Puppet Making, clay sculptures and other pottery making classes are organized by various campers such as Mannbhavan Hobby School in Gurgaon, Little Champs at Rajinder Nagar, Delhi and Holiday Training Center Noida to name a few.

Science and Mechanics Camp for children of 12 to 14 years – Robots and Power Rangers Transformers are the passion of today’s kids. If your child is keen in building and creating stuff and then send him to mechanics camps? Various science camps are organized in the city and around, to helps boys and girls of age 12 to 14 years to learn the concepts and techniques to design mind storm robots. One such Robotics Camp is organized every year in between March to Mid May at Silicon World Delhi. This workshop exposes kids to engineering and scientific principals, classification of components and their specific uses. As a plus point a whole lot of Physics principles will begin to speak to him after the camp. Besides, the child will learn about teamwork, logical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and develop self confidence too. And, it doesn’t need any previous experience either.

Dive in Adventure with Horse Riding, Rifle Shooting, Parasailing, Rafting and Rock Climbing. If you and your child love outdoor thrills, then adventure sports is the right choice for you. There are camps for scuba diving, parasailing and rafting organized mostly at Rishikesh. Get your child join summer camps for Rohtang Pass and Ooty hills for trekking and rock climbing activities. And, by any chance if your child desires to learn the nuances of shooting, then select the summer camps for Rifle shooting at Karni Singh Shooting range in Tuglakabad area in Delhi.
Special arrangements are made for the security and safety of children by campers. Children are introduced to the scuba equipment, concept of buoyancy control, underwater sign language, and then sent for scuba diving. Similarly, for parasailing and rock climbing various precautionary steps are taught to the kids beforehand. SnowLeopard Adventures is a well known camper who provides rocking camps in Chamba, Uttarakhand & Dharamsala.

Martial Arts is good for self defense: Kim’s Karate and Taekwondo classes in Delhi and NCR region is the one spot that has always hit a huge group of children in summer vacations, almost every year. There are many other campers in every region tutoring special self defense activity in vacation time. You can find varied information on such campers on Just Dial.

Wildlife and Photography is the activity for ‘All’- Little ones or adults all can take a break from city life to watch wildlife animals and shoot them through their camera. Wildlife camps can also get interesting through activities like snake catching, which some of them offer. For instance, in the camps offered by Gerry Martin at Jim Corbett, though children are not allowed to catch snakes, they can watch snake catchers at work. They can also get a feel of the non-captive scenarios and watch other royals, like tigers, leopards, crocodiles and plethora of distinctive birds.
Other wildlife sanctuary that will provide awesome getaways are Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, The Sunderbans National Park – West Bengal, Manas Tiger Reserve – Assam, Kanha National Park – Madhya Pradesh to name few.

Wildlife photography is another passionate activity for all. Take few preliminary classes of photography at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan to capture the best shot with easy hands. BVB institute offers photography classes to the age group of 15 and above.

You too can try reconnecting with your life’s passion this summer vacation. It may help you discover the inner child in you and your creativity too. Go camping!

Priya Singh

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