Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Get Rid of Addiction

quit-smoking-swissorsYes, every New Year most of us decide to quit addictions but fail miserably in our resolution. Take a heart because it is quite normal and even the best of us experience us. New Year is a not an appropriate time to set this resolution. The weather is cold and a lot of work that had been on hibernate mode almost for the last whole week of 2011, suddenly springs to life. Naturally, in such scenario your stress levels soar and it’s not apt for the resolution.

The Plan

1. Plan a time to quit when you are relatively stress-free. Avoid times like when you are switching jobs, due for appraisals, or are undergoing tension at home, because your urge to grab your smoke or unwind with a drink increases in such times, say experts.
2. You can quit cold turkey, people have done that, but people have even scaled Mount Everest. Think about it.
3. Ration your cigarettes and drinks. Don’t buy a pack, buy a piece.
4. Smoke the cigarette and stub it when it reaches half. Maximum tar and harmful chemicals are towards the bottom end.
5. Drink water to subside cravings. Try Switch electronic cigarettes. It gives the tactile delight of smoking.
6. Get in touch with a cessation specialist to quit. They are professionals and have a plan in place.
7. Investigate therapies like laser and acupuncture. Many people have benefitted with these. Worth a thought!
8. Form a quit buddy. Addictions are picked up in the midst of buddies. You can leave those with the help of a friend who is treading the same path.
9. Something for spouses: avoid nagging the person who is trying to quit addictions. You have been doing it for long and it hasn’t helped. What about some positive reinforcement? Try it. It may help.
10. Most importantly, if you fail, try again.

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