Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Treat Mouth Ulcers Naturally

Mouth ulcers are painful shallow ulcers on the lining of your mouth, inside your cheek and gums. Stress, poor oral hygiene, constipation, dietary imbalances can aggravate the ulcers. We have compiled effective home cures which can help the ulcers heal and ease away the pain.

  1. Sleep. Yes, you heard it right. Many sleepless nights can cause mouth ulcers and a good night rest can alleviate the pain and discomfort of mouth ulcers.
  2. Supplement Vitamin B. Mouth ulcers denote deficiency of B vitamins. Eat yoghurt to provide that. You can also have supplements of B vitamin. An interesting way is to have beer and swish it in your mouth around the ulcers. Users confirm relief.
  3. A spoonful of honey soothes the pain associated with mouth ulcers. You can coat the ulcer with honey for fast acting relief.
  4. Gargle with warm water to which a pinch of turmeric powder has been mixed to get relief from the pain of ulcers.
  5. Get a pan made with in without the dash of chuna and only with katha. Katha has caustic properties and it helps heal mouth ulcers.
  6. You can apply peppermint oil on the ulcer, as it is an anaesthetic agent. Gargling your mouth with warm water in which few drops of pudin hara has been added to also relieves the pain.
  7. Chew basil leaves (tulsi) and try keeping the juice of it at the ulcers for sometime.
  8. Change your toothpaste. Some people find relief from ulcers when they switch to herbal toothpaste.
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