Monday, April 26th, 2010

Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

aam ka pannaHeat stroke as the name suggests happens due to exposure in the summer heat. Heat stroke is always preceded by heat exhaustion and needs to be taken care of promptly. However, there are several remedies available naturally in our kitchen that can help prevent heat stroke. Keep reading…

1. Aam panna is a tried and tested antidote against heat stroke for people who have to stay outdoors because of their work compulsions. Pressure cook three four small mangoes with a cup of water for almost five to ten minutes. Allow it to stay for some time and open the cooker only when the mangoes cool down. Remove the skin of the mango and mash the pulp. Run it in a blender for couple of seconds with water, ice cubes, sugar and a pinch of rock salt. Drink it before you have to leave outdoors and once you come back. If you have been a victim of heat stroke, drink this liquid several times a day and also rub it on your body. It helps release the body heat.

2. Onions are cooling foods and help release the body heat. Include raw onions in salads to release the body heat. You can chop an onion and fry it with cumin seeds. Eat it before you go out to prevent heat stroke.

3. Tamarind is a natural remedy to release fever due to heat stroke. Boil certain amount of tamarind in water and strain the decoction. Add sugar to it according to your taste and drink it several times a day.

4. Plums are useful in getting rid of heat stroke. Soak some plums in cold water. After some time, mash them in the soaked water. Drain the mixture and drink the water. It is also very good remedy to heal burning sensation.

5. Fresh coriander juice is helpful in beating heat. Add some sugar to fresh coriander juice and drink it two times in a day. During summers, this is one of the useful drinks to combat heat.
6. Try gooseberries to get rid of dizzy feeling due to heat stroke. Alma is also rich in vitamin C, a super antioxidant.
7. Buttermilk helps release the excessive body heat. You may add a dash of salt to butter milk and consume this drink three to four times in a day. This is considered as one of the best remedies to beat the increasing heat. This drink is also beneficial in curing other summer ailments such as scanty urination and excessive thirst.

8. Drink rose syrup. Rose is natural healer and possesses cooling properties, which cools down your body.

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