Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Cure constipation naturally


Constipation can be highly uncomfortable. You just don’t feel energetic enough to face the day. For constipation the cures begin in the kitchen, which include fibre rich diet. Other than making diet modifications, use some form of exercise in your daily schedule like brisk walk or jog, as it will help bowels move.

1. Tried and tested cure for moving a sluggish stomach is a heaped tablespoon of isabgol mixed in a big glass of water had at bedtime. If you are suffering from elevated cholesterol levels this recipe will help you lower the cholesterol too.
2. Include fruits in your diet: papaya, guava, orange, plum, apple and fig are effective laxatives and should be eaten regularly to gain relief.
3. Soak a handful of dried grapes in water for five to six hours. Squeeze it out and have it with hot milk before you hit the sack.
4. Ajwain or Bishops’s weed will help you ease the feeling of bloated stomach without reaching for Digene. Just keep it handy and chew on a pinch of seeds at regular intervals. Since the seeds are bitter to chew, you can add them to hot water and sip on it. And, if you want to get over constipation for good, have two pinch ful of ajwain with rock salt and hot water, after your meals.
5. Honey is a mild laxative. Have it with warm water through out the day to seek relief.
6. You can make your bowels move by having daliya at dinner. Add loads of green to it to up the fiber quotient and cook it with a pinch of ghee and garlic. While increasing fibre please be sure to do it slowly or it can cause bloating.
7. Ayurveda recommends using the powdered form of triphala, which is a combination of amla, haritaki and vibhataki mixed in a glass of water to ward off constipation. But the mixture can be difficult to swallow, an easier alternative is to wash an Ayurvedic capsule of this with a glass full of water.

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