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Organize an Ecofriendly Holi Party

Most Holi colors sold in the market are oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil. For example, green comes from copper sulphate, purple is chromium iodide, silver is aluminum bromide, black is lead oxide and shiny colors are result of powdered glass being added to the colors. All these are toxic and can result in following health as well as environmental hassles:

  • Skin allergies
  • Eye irritation and blindness
  • When washed, they enter the rivers and the soil and increase pollution.

Few more health effects along with the colour compositions is given below:

  • Lead Oxide (Black): Renal failure, learning disability
  • Copper Sulphate (Green): Eye allergy, temporary blindness
  • Chromium Iodide (Purple): Bronchial asthma, allergies
  • Aluminium Bromide (Silver): Carcinogenic
  • Mercury Sulphite (Red): Skin cancer, minamata

Why to Use Natural Colours
Organic colours are an excellent alternative to artificial colours. They do not harm your skin and also lead to less toxic waste. Another good news is it doesn’t even harm the environment. Therefore, this time when you step out to buy your favourite gulaal, experiment with different flowers, fruits and vegetables (like black grapes, dried fruits of amla/gooseberry), leaves (eucalyptus), and plants (arandi/castor) made colours.

This Holi, encourage the use of eco-friendly natural colors and motivate your friends to do so to enjoy the real joy of Holi.

4 guidelines to organize delightful holi party

  1. Size does matter. Nobody wants to stand around munching an entire leg of chicken while talking to someone. This means your portion sizes should be just large enough for one or two bites.
  2. Don’t make a saucy mess. If you are making finger food, avoid heavily sauced or oily food. Reason is even if you provide toothpicks or skewers to pick; sauces still dribble on to clothes. People don’t want to leave your home with soy sauce stains.
  3. Contrast in flavours and textures makes your food delightful explosions on your tongue. Put together something crispy with something soft in a wrap, strong herbs with mild base ingredients in a nibble, spicy toppings with a gentle base in a stack, creamy dip with a spicy wafer, etc.
  4. Keep last-minute cooking down. The food you make should be the kind you can assemble, not cook at the last minute.

Now if your imagination started working, don’t restrict yourself. Get set to make interesting party snacks to throw a great Holi party bash at your home.

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