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Relax Yourself with Massage

couplesMassageMassage is the best healing therapeutic treatment that is extremely beneficial for the overall well being of any individual. A skillful massage soothes the complete body by relaxing almost every prominent part of our system, be it muscular, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, or nervous systems. Also, it has been proven to be highly effective in relieving stresses and helps to overcome emotional & physical problems, thereby bringing your life on track. In addition to relaxation and stress management, massage provides several immeasurable benefits, such as satisfying the need for touch, balancing energy and stimulating mental alertness.

Overall, it would be best to note that a skillful massage provides a positive impact on every system of the body. To know the deep rooted impacts of massage in managing physical, mental and emotional imbalance, keep reading the below postulated drop-downs:

Physical benefits of massage:

  1. Massage encourages muscle to relax by relieving tightness, tension and promoting the eliminations of toxins.
  2. It also encourages fresh blood into areas of congestion, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to fatigued muscles.
  3. It assists in removing the lactic acid, the toxic waste produced by muscle action, which if left within a tight muscle, can crystallize and cause severe muscle soreness and knots, commonly called spasms. So it is the best way to reduce spasm.
  4. It improves range of muscle tension and stiffness and further helps in increasing joint flexibility and motion.
  5. Massage pumps in oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, which in turn helps promoting a healthy mind and builds your immunity.
  6. During pregnancy, massage is considered as the best therapy as it alleviates discomfort and uneasiness, and provides eternal relaxation.
  7. It also works as a miracle in healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling; reduces formation of excessive scar tissue.
  8. At the time of sports or overscheduled work, it improvises breathing and helps treating injuries.
  9. It is the best way to enhance and nourish skin.
  10. In addition to skin health, it is also considered good for treating musculoskeletal problems as it improvises posture imbalance.

Massage relaxes mind too:

Massage plays wonders in fostering a peace of mind and a feeling of well being. With its nourishing therapy of touch, massage promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness and helps relieve all the mental and physical stress. Going regularly for massage would enhance your capacity to think calmly even in some major adverse conditions as it reduces the levels of anxiety and increases the awareness of body-mind connection.

Massage is an ultimate way to the wellness of your mind, body and soul.

Avoid massage in following conditions:

All those suffering from health conditions as such mentioned below should avoid massage therapy:

  1.  Open wounds and burnt areas should never be massaged. Just avoid it if you suffering such issues.
  2. Anyone experienced a recent heart attack should never go for massage until his consultant approves it.
  3. In case of cancer patients, avoid direct pressure on the tumor area.
  4. Unhealed fractures should never be massaged as it may lead to break again.
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis is one condition that carries lot of myths. According to experts someone suffering from this problem does not need any massage in the area. Rather it is recommended to avoid any kind of massage if you suffer from arthritis.
  6. Severe osteoporosis is another condition where you need to avoid massage therapy.

Some other risks may include internal bleeding, nerve damage or temporary paralysis if the massage is done improperly. So take proper information about the massage therapist you choose for, and also confirm about his license to know whether he has undergone the proper training or not.

Also, never forget to drink plenty of water after a massage because it will keep your muscles hydrated. It is a must take, because fluids will flush out the toxins and would help in releasing any soreness which you may encounter after a massage.

Priya Singh

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