Monday, April 5th, 2010

From Sole to Soul

DSC_0457Foot-massage sounds inviting and getting one at the flick of your finger on your whim is sheer luxury. Now, you can get a foot massage at your convenience and there is a range of products to pick from, depending on your budget. There are massagers that vibrate, knead and simulate human touch.

  1. Foot bath massagers—these are like mini hot tubs for your feet, complete with heated, bubbling jet action and massaging foot pads. The massaging pads and rollers are placed at the bottom of the baths and provide your feet with an invigorating massage, as well pedicure.
  2. Vibrating massagers—these are like large soft pillows on which you place your feet and plug it in. It has beads all over that give you a relaxing massage.
  3. Beyond foot—there are massagers that simulate human touch to give you the most satisfying massage from your calves all the way to your ankles, toes and soles once you have surrendered your feet in their reinvigorating grip. These massagers have rollers that massage and soothe your soles with the revitalizing rolling movements while the luxuriously comfortable grip cushions gently hug your feet and ankle for a thorough massage. At the same time they relax your tensed calf muscles with each kneading action.
  4. Reflexology meets massage—you even get massagers that combine the wisdom of foot Reflexology and traditional chiropractic therapy to invigorate tired muscles and stressed joints as well as soothe problems triggered by ill-fitting footwear.

What you need to know-

For aches and pains of calves and feet-

  • Massagers are good to relieve the tissues off the tension. They also encourage early return of blood flow, which carries with it the breakdown products of metabolism, giving pain relief. Besides, certain nerve pathways may be stimulated which may help in pain suppression. These may not have therapeutic usage but are good as home care products for mild aches and pains of calves and feet.
  • Reflexology has no defined role in allopathic medicine except for its
    massaging and relaxing effect. Though it is a known fact that there is
    common innervation of various organs and skin areas on the body which if stimulated would suppress pain from a particular organ.

Word of caution-

  • Be careful about electric shocks.
  • Do not use on patients with known deep vein thrombosis and also varicose veins.

Doc recommends-

Go ahead and incorporate these gadgets in your daily routine.

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