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Glued to Gadgets

glucometerGone are the days when the only health equipment Indians had in their houses was thermometer; the weight conscious kept weighing scales too, but nothing beyond it. These days there are several options available: digital blood pressure monitors, glucometers, nebulisers, insulin injectors, foot massagers and stress relievers in the market, in the realm of health. Most of us buy it at the recommendation of our doctor or for preventive reasons. Yet, how much do we know about these gadgets? Archana Darshan does a reality check….

Digital BP Apparatus

Unlike manual BP apparatus these are fully automatic and are available in many versions (from forearms to wrist). You have to tie the band around your wrist, and as you press the button air is pumped into the cuff and released and you get the reading on the monitor.

Reality check

Dr. Hansa Gupta, consultant cardiologist at Gurgaon based Apollo clinic counts the merits, “They are reasonably effective to monitor the fluctuations in BP. Electronic BP instruments are easy to handle and record BP and pulse.” “I would recommend the arm ones to wrist ones”, she points out.

“However, you need to crosscheck the readings of these regularly with the conventional mercury instruments, says she. “The conventional BP instruments are more reliable, provided one knows how to record the systolic and diastolic BP at appropriate time”, adds she.


Glucometers are available with advanced biosensor technology that can give results in five seconds. Diabetes has become a huge health threat for us. This endocrinal disorder corrodes your kidneys and eyesight, and is the most important risk factor for heart disease. Many of these complications do not produce any symptom in the early stage and most can be prevented with a combination of regular medical care and blood glucose monitoring. “User friendly blood glucometers that monitor blood glucose levels at home can indicate how well diabetes is controlled and serves as a guide to adjusting therapy”, says Dr. Sujeet Jha, consultant endocrinologist at Max Healthcare.

Reality check

Glucometers are fairly reliable, but not as accurate as lab test reports. “Usual variations should not be more than 10%. Sometimes post meal values can be about 15-20% higher in glucometer than in the lab, since they test capillary or finger prick blood, as compared to labs, which test venous blood. The new generation glucometers do not require “coding” and require miniscule amount of blood are very user friendly and accurate”, says Dr. Ambrish Mithal, senior consultant endocrinology at Apollo Hospitals.

Relying too much on the wisdom of gadgets could turn dangerous. If you experience sweating, giddiness and tremors, this could be due to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Drowsiness, vomiting and pain in the abdomen could be due to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Heating pads

Gadgets like heating pads have replaced the conventional hot water bags. Whenever you need to soothe an ache or pain, just plug it in and strap it on the place desired. You can manage heat at the flick of a switch.

Reality check

“If you are pregnant avoid using these on your belly because in early pregnancy up to 12 weeks the body temperature should not go beyond 39 degree F. But, you can use it to ease aching thighs and back”, says Dr. Kaushiki Dwivedee, consultant gynaecologist at Max Hospital.


A nebulizer is a device used to administer medication to people in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. It is commonly used in treating asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Reality check

“Nebuliser is a good way to get prompt relief from asthmatic wheezing. It directs the medicine directly to the area affected, but you need to learn the right way to use it from your doctor”, says Dr. Sushila Kataria, internal consultant with Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon.

Clean the nebuliser immediately after use. Neglecting to do so will promote bacteria growth. When you use a nebulizer, always use a mask or mouthpiece when giving or taking a treatment. “Simply aiming the mist at a baby’s face does not ensure that any medication reaches small, swollen airways”, says she.

Oscillating toothbrushes

This variant of toothbrush has batteries that supply it the power to rotate. Oscillating toothbrush uses superior cleaning technology by directing powerful cleaning action into hard-to-reach areas

Reality check

Dr. Vandana Jyoti, Gurgaon-based prosthodontist and implantologist informs, “These brushes prevent build up of stains, gum diseases and tartar. I will surely recommend these to anyone who is not able to maintain good oral hygiene for whatever reason, but follow manufacturer‘s guidelines while using them.”

Knee wraps

Ideally they are not gadgets, but they do offer support and relieve achy joints like—neck, elbow and knees.

Reality check

Dr. Pratip Mandal, consultant sports medicine, Moolchand Medcity says, “People with knee swelling, minor injuries and pain would benefit from a knee support. Persons having tennis elbow and mild inflammation in the elbow can be helped with an elbow support.” “Pick the right size to get maximum support”, cautions he.

Better life 

  1. Eye patchesAll those people who stare at computer through out the day, practically all of us working at offices can benefit from this. This uniquely designed eye massager can eliminate tiredness of the eyes and induce good sleep.
  2. Necksnuggler—If you drive long distance or remain tied to your desk for long hours, there is a product, which you can wrap around your neck and get the benefits of massage to get relief from stress and pains. 
  3. Electronic skippers—Now duck those skipping ropes in favour of electronic skippers. They tell you how much calorie you burnt in one session, which encourages you to skip more and burn more calories.

Then, there are gadgets to– groom your nails at your convenience, soothe an achy spot and to fight cellulite. The health gadget war has just begun. Sounds interesting!

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