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 Our Nutritionist Advises  on How to Lose Weight  

I am 44-year-old  female and I weigh 74 kg.  I have thyroid problem. I don’t eat junk food and eat only simple home cooked food.  My present job involves sitting on desk for long hours.  I have backache and knee problems hence I can’t walk for long. I am unable to reduce the weight. What should I do?

 Our Nutritionist Answers

For a complete analysis you should have mentioned type of your thyroid concern- hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Moreover, we would also need your height to know your BMI and how much overweight you are for your height.  It is advisable to get your sugar test done.  You seem to be suffering from compromised metabolism which has happened due to  sedentary lifestyle.

The following regimen will take care of energy levels and help in weight management. 

  1. GNC Chitosan plus tablets.(one tablet 30 min before breakfast and one tablet 30 min before lunch. It is advisable if some brisk walking is added to the regimen preferably 30 min prior to dinner and  Breakfast.)
  2. We suggest GNC Women Ultra Mega One tablet twice daily to supplement the nutritional gaps.  
  3. It is also advisable to do some soft exercise to strengthen the back muscles. 
  4. Drink plenty of water for better results.


Dr. Meena Naik, Consultant – Gynaecology replies

I’m 25 years old unmarried workingwoman. For last two months I have been suffering from irregular menstrual problem. Following the advice of my gynaecologist, I have got blood test done to check for my prolactin levels, thyroid profile and haemoglobin. Except prolactin level, the results for other two tests prescribed were in the normal range. My prolactin level is 35.4ng/ml. My gynaecologist prescribed Sicriptin 2.5mg for next 6 months. I am having this medicine thrice a day, I want to know will I need to continue it for the next six months and how could I maintain normal levels of prolactin without medication. Also, will this in any way negatively impact my chances of motherhood in future?

For irregular periods we need to check other hormone levels as well. The prolactin level of 35 is within normal limits. You need to visit a gynaecologist and get hormone levels checked on day-2 of your periods. Irregular cycles usually mean that ovulation is not taking place so it is likely to affect motherhood and you may need some help for that.

Dr Veena Bhat, Senior Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Max Hospital, Gurgaon

 I suffered from a severe typhoid fever while I was in the third month of my pregnancy. I was admitted to the hospital and was given inter venous antibiotics. The maximum temperature I got was 103. I was discharged from the hospital after two nights. I felt I recovered but it hit again after 20 days and lasted for a week, again I was put under IV and recovered well. Since then my pregnancy has been gone smooth going and I am 33 weeks now. I am absolutely fine but wish to know whether typhoid fever will have any effect on my baby?

 It is usually the high fever, which has harmful effect on the foetus. Since your foetus has grown well to 33 weeks at this time, it looks like typhoid fever did not have any detrimental effect on the foetus. Your serial ultrasound scans & blood tests will further confirm that all is well with the foetus.

 I am 33 years old mother and still feeding my 18 months old baby. I can clearly see the difference in my breasts size. One is slightly bigger than the other. Is it normal? Advise me to bring it back to the normal size.

It is normal to have minor variation in the breast size especially while feeding. You need not do anything to bring it back to normal. There is a possibility that the size may return to normal after you stop lactation.

I am about to get married after a month. I want to know which is the best period after periods to have sex for conceiving.

 The most fertile period in a woman’s cycle is 3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs about two weeks prior to the next period. For example, in 28-day cycle ovulation usually occurs around day 14 & the fertile period is 11th to 15th day of the menstrual cycle.

My wife is running in the 5th month of her pregnancy. How safe is it to have intercourse at this period? Is it advisable to continue often till childbirth or need to stop now?

 It is safe to have sex during 5th month of pregnancy unless there are any specific medical reasons. You can continue having sex right until the last month of pregnancy if your wife does not feel uncomfortable. To alleviate the discomfort in later months of pregnancy the ‘women on top’ position may be more suitable than the conventional one. Some medical reasons which require abstaining from sex are:-
• Recent vaginal bleeding
• Preterm labour.
• Ruptured membranes (broken water bag)
• Infection with STDs.

I am pregnant and have developed a polycystic ovary syndrome. How can it affect my pregnancy?

PCOS is associated with higher risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension all due to hyper- insulinism.

Women with PCOS should be extremely cautious about healthy habits and food intake during pregnancy and early monitoring is probably a good idea as well.

Dr Kaushiki Dwivedee, Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Max Hospital, Gurgaon.

I am a 28-year-old girl. There is often a foul smell in my vaginal
area, even my panties smell. It is also accompanied with itching and
irritation. What should I do?

I would advise you to see a gynaecologist at your earliest. Foul
smelling, irritant and itchy vaginal discharge is suggestive of infection of
vagina and other pelvic organs. Your gynaecologist will examine you and will send your vaginal discharge for examination to the lab to find out the exactninfection. You and your partner will be prescribed medicines accordingly for oral and/or local use.

 Whenever we have intercourse, I feel pain in my lower abdomen after
it is over. I’m 26 years old and married for 3 yrs. Please advice as it is
affecting my sexual life.

There can be various causes of lower abdominal pain following
intercourse. Forceful dry sex, infection of Pelvic organs (uterus, tubes and
ovaries) and endometriosis (backflow of menstrual blood causing pelvic organs to get stuck up) are a few of the common causes. It would be advisable to see a gynaecologist to find out the exact cause of pain after sex.

I am 34 years of married woman. I have recently been diagnosed of
cyst in ovaries, which measure 5.8cm. I have been advised to get surgery
done to get it removed. Will the surgery affect my reproductive system? I
am so tense. Please advise.

 There are few blood tests called ‘tumour markers’ which check the
probability of the ovarian cyst being cancerous. If your reports are within
the non-cancerous range you have the option of ovarian cystectomy, where only the cyst is removed, preserving the ovary without any effect to your
reproductive system. This can be done by keyhole surgery with a quick
post-operative recovery. Though sometimes it isn’t possible to preserve the
ovary, but with one functional ovary you still retain your fertility.

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