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Dr Rajiv Dang, Senior Consultant – Internal Medicine, Max Hospital, Gurgaon answers your queries

• I am 30 years old man. When I get up early in the morning I have pain in my left abdomen. Please tell me what should I do?

Left abdomen pain could be due to many causes like amoebiasis, renal calculus, some injury etc. But these possibilities should have no predilection for morning hours. You need to see a doctor so that he can conduct a detailed examination and advise accordingly.

Can there be any complication in pregnancy if both husband and wife have the same blood group?

Same blood group in both the parents should not pose any risk for pregnancy.

• I have been using Telma am and Storvas 10 for my hypertension on the advice of my doctor. My lipid report is not that good as my HDL is on the lower side. What can I do to boost my HDL level?

A good control on blood pressure, regular exercise and quitting smoking (in case you do) should be the mainstay of your cholesterol management. Other helpful factors could be cutting on alcohol intake, diet management and further drug adjustments, if so desired by your doctor.

• My job involves overseas travel, which also includes countries like Bangladesh, Cuba and Sudan. Please tell what all vaccinations I need before I head to these lands. Otherwise I am healthy.

For a visit to these countries, you should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Pneumococcal vaccines and yellow fever. It is also advised to take Malaria, Chemoprophylaxis e, Hepatitis A, BHhh

Dr Sushum Sharma, Head Preventive Health Care Programme, Max Hospital answers your questions

I suffer from sinusitis which gets aggravated in the change of weather. Otherwise I’m fine through out the year, except for the six monthly visit of sinusitis. What precautions should I take to lower my chances of getting this?

You are suffering from recurrent sinusitis. You should undertake some tests (Blood Tests, Culture & CT Scan) of Paranasal Sinusitis to decipher your problem. In the meantime you should start Steam Inhalation twice a day, an anti-allergic decongestant tablet eg. Clardin-D, Alerid-D etc. If problem is more you can also take Nasal Spray (after discussing with your GP). Needless to emphasise, please stop smoking (in case you do). I also recommend very strongly a Preventive Flu Shot Vaccine every year in Sep/Oct. (eg. Injection Vaxigrip) for prevention of Sinusitis.

Diabetes runs in my family in my mother’s side. She was detected for type II diabetes when she was forty five. In my father’s side, my grand father had diabetes type II, but my dad hasn’t been detected till now. He is fifty now. But, in my father’s family everyone is hypertensive. My dad has been on medication since was thirty. My uncle and my grand ma are hypertensive too. I am 21-year-old girl who is overweight, though I’ve joined gym to keep my weight in control. Please advise what should be my lifestyle so that I can thwart these two deadly diseases that seem to run in my genes?

You have no control over your genetic inheritance but you should have full control over your life style to prevent activation of harmful genes in you. You must maintain ideal body weight, which is your height in cms minus hundred (eg. If your height is 154 cms, ideal body weight is 154-100=54 kg). You should ensure diet of around 1400 calories and do regular exercises. Best form of exercise in Indian setting is a daily walk for 45 minutes. Your diet should contain lot of fruits, vegetables and less of fried food, junk food, pastries, cakes etc.


Dr Ashutosh Shukla, Internal Consultant with Artemis answers your health questions—-

I am 24-year-old female. I am suffering from a lot of problems. I have dark circles under my eyes and am suffering from hair loss. Though I drink at least 5 litres of water daily, it makes no difference. In addition, I had suffered from typhoid and jaundice thrice in my life. Kindly tell how I can get rid of both of the conditions.

Get Serum TSH blood test done to rule out hypothyroidism. You should decrease your water intake to 2-3 liters per day. 5 liters is too high and it may be washing off the electrolytes like potassium from your body.

I am 26-year-old female. Since last 1.5 month I feel weakness and am suffering from low energy levels. My face is becoming thin gradually and I’m experiencing pain in my feet after walking a little distance. Please say what to do?

You should get a complete health check up done. This will help in finding out the reasons for your weakness and low energy levels. If you want you can also take Artemis Health & Wellness programme.

I am 18-year-old male. I have a problem from last 5-6 days. Whenever I have the urge to urinate and if I get 2-3 minutes late, then my urine does not pass fully. I feel a little pain in the abdominal area too. I’m tensed; please tell me what to do?

You are suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome. You should take Isabgol 2 spoons with a glass of water at bedtime.

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July 12, 2013

You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I would never understand.
It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the
hang of it!

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