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Dr Arpit Jain, Internal Consultant with Artemis answers

My daughter is fourteen-year-old and is regularly suffering from pharyngitis. She has a permanent sore throat. We are little tired of antibiotics and doctors. The condition is not restricted to any season or weather even. Please help us to solve the problem.

You have mentioned that your daughter is regularly suffering from pharyngitis. This kind of regularly occurring problem could be allergic in nature. It will be better, if you get the condition evaluated by an ENT specialist, so that her ailment can be properly diagnosed.

Dr Rachana Singh, consultant and Lifestyle Management expert with Artemis answers

 Can you advise something for my 2-year-old daughter who is very lean and fussy about food? Doctors informed me that she is slightly rickety. I am very concerned about her. Also she has dark complexion. What should I feed her to improve her complexion and to build her health?

We all know that a healthy, balanced and varied diet is important for your child’s growing needs. But to tackle fussy eating habits, offer her foods that she likes (even if you disapprove of it). Serve foods that are fresh and presented in an attractive way, create a mealtime that is pleasant and relaxed and talk about food; this may encourage a child to eat. Whenever possible, allow children to choose from one or two items on the menu (for example, a choice of peas or carrots for vegetables). Also, try to give your child the same food you eat and limit snacks and drinks between meals so the child feels hungrier when it comes to meal times. Offer drinks after a meal so that they don’t ruin the appetite and do not substitute milk for meals.

If your child is suffering from rickets, natural treatment options include more exposure to sunlight, increasing dietary intake of calcium and Vitamin D that is found in Cod Liver oil, vitamin D fortified milk etc.  Although, there is no particular food that will lighten skin instantly, a balanced diet definitely helps by giving the skin a healthy glow.

Dr. Rajiv Chabbra, Consultant Paediatric & Neonatal Intensivist, Artemis Health Institute answers

I am a new mom. My 3 months old baby becomes very restless due to colic pain. He feels very sleepy and hungry but cannot sleep or take feed due to colic. I feel so helpless watching him crying so much. Please suggest some remedy.

There are many medications available to symptomatically relive colic like colicaid, bonnisan etc. It is indeed a painful condition to see the child crying. I would recommend to start any of these medications and if it does not help, it is advisable to seek a pediatrician’s opinion.

My two and a half year old kid weighs 12 Kgs and day-by-day it is going down. She looks weak. She goes to play school. I give her milk, little Maggi or 1 banana or 1 egg for breakfast and when she comes back at 1.00 she doesn’t take anything. She just refuses to eat anything we offer She doesn’t feel hungry at all. I am really worried about her deteriorating health. Please suggest good diet for her.

Besides diet, I would suggest you to get the child thoroughly examined by a paediatrician as to find out the cause of weakness. As far as diet is concerned, I would start with things which the child likes, like finger fries with mayonnaise, fruit juices, burger, cutlets etc and then gradually shift to nutritious diet once the appetite grows

My son is having a lump near his right ear, exactly below his cheekbone. He does not have any pain or irritation but it is really worrying us as it might increase in size in his later years or might affect his hearing. Please advise.

This could be enlarged lymph node that is generally because of infection in the nearby adjoining areas like ear, throat, skin etc. If the swelling is not increasing in size or there aren’t any other symptoms like fever, night sweats, discharge from swelling, weight loss etc, I would advise to ignore it. If the child has any of the above-mentioned symptoms please consult a doctor.

Dr Babita Jain; Coordinator & In-charge – Paediatrics; Max Hospital, Gurgaon answers your queries.

Q One of my friends advised me to de-worm my two-year-old toddler every six months. Should I de-worm my baby? If yes, why?

A. Worm infestation is widespread in a tropical country like India and small children acquire the infection from a variety of parasites such as hookworm, roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, despite all precautions and hygiene measures. Hence babies should be de-wormed after 2 years of age and subsequently after six months if needed.

Q. Recently, my five-year-old daughter was down with diarrhoea and my paediatrician advised me not to give her milk, as this will worsen the condition. Please let me know why milk will worsen the problem and what food items should I give to my daughter in such condition.

A. Some children develop secondary lactose intolerance when they have diarrhoea. Hence giving milk may aggravate the problem as the lactose in milk is not digested and the diarrhoea increases. The child should be given foods which the child routinely eats like banana, khichri, bread, boiled potatoes, apple, suji, dalia, roti and vegetables.

Q. My ten-year-old son is lanky despite proper nutrition. Though he is gaining height and is active, but he is very thin. What would you suggest, so that he could put on some weight?

A. If your 10 year old son is gaining height and is otherwise well then I suggest you do not worry about him being thin, as height is a very good parameter of growth, and also he may be having a family tendency towards being thin. Just ensure that he gets an adequate diet with appropriate quantities of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

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December 3, 2010
sujata thapa

hi my son is 17 months old he is suffering rickets I am very worried for him suggest me some thing
thank you

December 4, 2010

Rickets is a bone disorder that results in softening of bones in children due to vitamin D deficiency and inadequate calcium absorption. 20 minutes of sunlight every day along with increased intake of eggs, milk, fish will help keep the deficiency at bay. Experts concur that children exclusively breastfed may need supplemental vitamin D.

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