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Meal Replacement Drinks

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There is a new buzzword in the realm of weight loss: meal-replacement-shakes (called as MR). It promises to battle bulge and keep it off, gives you the convenience of drinking up your meals for people on the go and is safe for diabetics too. Now, you can drink yourself skinny and stay that way. Users claim it’s a fool-proof way to weight loss.

Raghav works as Marketing Manager in a retail chain. His job involves meeting up with clients in different places of the city. His day starts late and he leaves home after a sumptuous breakfast. But, the real trouble is what should he snack on during the daytime? If he packs fruits, in this weather they don’t stay right in the car, and he just can’t lug his food when he is meeting clients. Fast food joints didn’t look inviting either. On the advice of his friend, he started carrying meal-replacement-shake because they could be consumed in a jiffy and he would get the balanced nutrition that he was looking for. Moreover, the drink was hygienic and safe to drink. A month later he found that the trousers that were a bit snug had made room for his slim waist. After all, it’s hard to gain weight when you stay away from the junk food.

Before you ask, I’ll tell you, what exactly is meal-replacement-shake? Meal-replacement-shakes have been for quite a long time. Doctors have prescribed it to people suffering from morbid obesity to gain nutrition with minimal calories to promote weight loss. There is MR available at your pharmacy store  in the form of Lean Shake X-tra Slim.

What’s in your MR?

Essentially, these products are a high protein low fat, moderate carbohydrate food source that is rich in vitamins and minerals. They are designed to provide a maximal amount of nutrients in a format that is not inclined to promote significant body fat storage. These drinks have 200 or less than 200 calories in one serving and most of these come in powder-packets which are ready to use.

How can a drink satiate hunger?

Yes, it can because they are enriched with fibre to promote the feeling of fullness. The high quality protein in these drinks provide you with protein shot, in lieu of carbohydrates which we are in the habit of taking whenever hunger pangs strike. Having protein rich food helps us keep the feelings of hunger at bay for longer period. Som Tugnait, world bench press champion says, “The body needs to be in positive nitrogen balance through out the day for reasons like repair, growth, during or after workout. Hence, its crucial for you to nibble on protein rich foods, like boiled eggs, chicken, fish, meat, paneer and dal.”

Enriched with protein, MR offers you a convenient way to quaff protein.

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