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Eat Sensibly this Diwali

celebrationWith Diwali not even a week away, now is the time to party. Wear your best clothes and bond with friends over seemingly endless gatherings. But, wait a minute; endless celebrations do not mean that you get an excuse to gorge on your favourite sweets and mithais. The calorie overload will result in upset tummy and show off in bulges at the wrong places. Doctors say that constipation, indigestion, acidity, low blood pressure etc are common during this season. Hence, exercise discretion and be sensible in what you eat this festive season. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Archana Jha Darshan gets the nutritionists do the talking on ‘how to have your cake and eat it too’.

Honey Khanna, consultant nutritionist with Max Hospitals, Gurgaon says, “With so much temptation around during Diwali, it’s but natural that your diet plan will go for a toss. Hence, do not try to lose weight during this period. Be happy if you don’t put a pound or two.”

In fact, like everything in life sensible eating is nothing but exercising moderation. You don’t need to give up anything entirely because then when the urge strikes, it’s hard to resist. Rather go slow with your cravings and do indulge in them with smaller portions and guilt free options that will satiate your taste buds without adding inches to your waistline. Keep reading to know the tips to follow this Diwali–
1) Be picky. Don’t eat because you’re being offered. Friends and family will try to force feed you, but be firm with them. If you must for courtesy, then eat a small portion.
2) Indulge in healthy sweets. “Sandesh is a healthier option to indulge your sweet tooth as compared to jalebis and rosgollas, since it is dairy based and is steamed,” suggests Honey. If you are making sweets yourself, use low fat ingredients- like low fat milk and other dairy products. Use natural sweeteners like honey and dates to make sweets and avoid using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, unless very much required.
3) Portion Control:Part of the celebration is to enjoy all the sweets and the fried food. So, indulge but control the portions. Also, try to balance it with eating fruits and other lower calorie foods. Even with healthy sweets, the calories can add up.
4) Make time for exercise. Celebration shouldn’t mean not getting exercise. Take out at least 30 minutes for your exercise- go for a run, hit the gym, play a sport, do some yoga.
5) Drink lots of water. It will help you not only to detoxify the body but also to curb that extra hunger. “Have a glass of water before having that lavish lunch or dinner with your family and friends. You’ll eat less, without realizing,” says Jyoti Arora, dietician with Artemis.
6) Take it easy on the alcohol. Besides, being loaded with calories, it promotes fat storage in the body. Hence, not only you get empty calories, you also store fat.

7) Eat your green vegetables. They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fiber, which helps to keep you full for longer.
8) Snack before you step out. Have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, cut fruits or dal before you step out. This might sound strange, but by doing this you’ll fill your stomach and will be able to exercise caution and control portions. Always watch out for hidden fats. Creamy soups, white breads, flaky pastries and mayonnaise – based salad dressings add unnecessary fats to the food. Try consuming broths instead of creamy soups.
9) Look out for alternatives. Ask for grilled, baked, boiled or broiled foods rather fried foods. If you get a snack urge go with steamed dhokla, idlis, grilled kababs to satisfy your craving without the extra calories.
10) Say no to aerated drinks. Instead have natural juices and rely on good old water to quench your thirst.
Practice generosity. This is good for your soul as well as your waistline. If you’ve received lots of sweets and chocolates as gifts, share it with people who’re not as privileged as you. Get boxes of chocolates to office and give it to your pantry boy or office guard. The smile on his face will surely light your Diwali.

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