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Life Regained

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Stroke can create a rippling impact across many lives. But with dedicated support of the family and rehabilitation support programs anyone can live with the long term effects of the stroke and get back to normal life gradually.

Name – Mr. Vir Bahadur Kochher
Age- 72
Illness- Hypertension with Left Stoke
Present Condition- Walks independently

Suddenly, on the night of 5th Jan, 2009 I found myself unable to move my right arm and leg besides having difficulty in speaking. The stroke had disabled me on the right side and rendered me weak with low endurance as well. I was devastated as I hated the fact of getting dependent on anyone to perform my daily tasks. It was so distressing. After visiting several hospitals I went to Indian Spinal Injuries Centre on 15th Jan, 2009. After a through examination and a series of investigations it was concluded by the Neurologist that I was suffering from hypertension with left stroke.

The treatment was planned keeping in mind my present condition and my future goals. The entire team including the Neurologist, ICU doctors, nurses, physio and occupational therapist, speech therapist etc. got together to work on me. Bedside physiotherapy, occupational therapy services were also provided to improve my respiratory function, strength and range of motion in the upper limb and lower limb in the ICU.

Once in the rehabilitation department, aggressive physiotherapy and occupational therapy were done under the guidance of Dr. Chitra Kataria, H.O.D. Rehabilitation Department focussing into all my deficiencies such as weakness, poor coordination and balance, inability to walk, depression, my quality of life by making me independent in all activities of daily having such as dressing, bathing, eating, grooming, toileting etc. My gut feeling said I was in the right hands. Gradually my speech was becoming clearer, more easily understood, and my coordination was improving. I could mentally process intricate procedures. Six months hence, I was a changed man. Now I can accomplish most of the tasks independently and can walk using just a cane. My prayers have been answered.

“Familial support and rehabilitation greatly help to regain life after stroke, a major cause of long term disability. Joining rehabilitation program immediately after getting discharged from the hospital helps the patient relearn the functions lost in the shortest period of time”, advises Dr Hansa Gupta, Cardiologist, Apollo Clinic- Sector 56

Physiotherapy is the treatment of any disease, disability or malfunction of the body through highly effective therapeautical procedures that involves external stimuli like heat, radiation water pressure electric currents etc. Physiotherapy modalities are essentially drug free and involve exercises and applications that facilitate pain relief, enable therapeautical access to reach deep seated parts of the body and speed up the healing process.

Occupational therapy as the name suggests is the ‘therapy through activities’. Simple things like writing, changing clothes or even control of bladder may seem very ordinary for us but for the disabled these are the things that they actually have to struggle with. This patient specific therapy involves recreational, creative and educational activities. Keeping in mind the patient’s specific interests, his background, and past experiences, therapists design various activities to deal with them and maximize their potential in the occupational performance areas. The term occupational performance refers to the functional abilities required to perform the daily tasks. These abilities include sensory motor, cognitive, and psychological components.

With inputs from- Chitra Kataria
Head of Department
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

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