Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

6 Games That Tame Your Brain’ Stress

Games connect to the reward circuits of the human brain to make it active tells Dr Arti Anand, Clinical Psychologist Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi. She explains, there are cognitive benefits of playing video games such as pattern recognition, system thinking, and it even teaches us to be patient. Gaming can actually exercise the mind the way physical activity exercises the body. And it may be addictive because it’s challenging.

Shirdhar Gupta, 75, retired Govt. officer was suggested by the expert to play some video games for brain health, including Chinese checkers, puzzles, and word games to deal with his forgetfulness. “When I sat down to complete the puzzles of the time machine, I realised that I was putting my brain to good use,” says Gupta.

Games helps socializing and create a close bond too as the technology lets seniors connect better with their inner thoughts and so also with their grandchildren and community. “Video games have helped me recapture some of the past fun again,” tells 60 year old Mr. Arvind Srivastava who is active player at PlayStation2 and enjoys fighting and competing with his seven years grandson Adi.

6 Video Games to Rekindle Your Thought and Keep You Fit!

Wii Fit and its accompanying balance board offers a number of different games designed to improve your fitness in a really fun environment. Wii exergaming options like yoga, running, strength training, balance training and aerobics are biggest hit for improving physical fitness.
Wii Sports offers a collection of games skiing, tennis; boxing and bowling, etc. that improve your mental coordination and give you a mild workout. In Wii sports participants compete against each other which make it a very engaging game for seniors and all age groups.
Dance Dance Revolution and Hottest Party 2 are both effective Wii games for burning off the calories. With fast moves and quick reflexes of 30-minute session of dancing you will burn off more than 200 calories.
Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day: Improve your vision and focus power with this DS game that has lots of different games for your eyes.
Eye Toy Kinetic: Designed for fitness, Eye Toy Kinetic offers an interactive fitness experience for cardio, combat, mind and body, and toning.
Brain Age: Play this game’s collection of puzzles to improve your brain power in just a few minutes every day.

Try them out, today and you can find many more gaming emulators. Gaming emulator is a software which can virtually work like console gaming machine such as PlayStation, Nintendo etc. Developers are working smartly on gaming PC emulators and these emulators are improving day by day. Literally

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