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25 Tips for Instant Stress Relief

25 tips for stress free life



Stress can actually ruin your complete wellbeing.  So, to keep you going well, My Health Guardian here comes with 25 tips to bust your stress instantly. Check it out to move right!


1. Think positive to reduce stress – Your outlook towards life plays a vital role in defining your temperament. Don’t always focus on negative part of the story. Rather try to look at the positive side of things.

2. Eat sensibly to reduce stress  -Normally under stress, we forget to eat. It makes us all the more stressed.

3. Keep revisiting your hobbies to destress -  Never say no to your hobbies. Get to indulge in your favorite extracurricular activity as and when you get some time. If you always remain over packed with work, then try to slot one particular time for your hobby. Be it painting, singing, cooking or anything else just do it which you enjoy in the slotted time period, to relax yourself. At least go for it once in a week.

4. Dance like no one is watching – Swing your hands and legs and twist your body to move on the way to wellness. Dance on your favorite beat. Do not hesitate as no t everyone is a trained dancer. Just jump on the dance floor with your steps. It will distress your mind, soul and body as a whole.

5. Laughter is a great stress buster – Giggling does’nt cost anything to anyone. It only spreads cheers and ultimate happiness to your inner being as well as to your surroundings. It’s good to be composed but it’s too bad to put a stop to humor in your life. Laugh your heart out to bust stress instantly.

6. Tune to music to bust stress – Music is the best therapy for stress. Listen to your favorite beats and feel the unwanted stress evading away from you like magic.

7. Practice mudras to fix stress – Mudras are instant stress buster. Just with a gesture of your fingers you can feel an elevation in your mood. It helps a lot to fix your emotional imbalance as well as bust your stress.

8. Mediate to refresh your soul mind and body - Meditation is the supreme way to bust stress. Go deep inside to explore your inner soul with complete contemplation of ‘OM’, it would lead you to the path of eternal peace.

9. Breathe well - Breathe deeply by inhaling fresh air and exhaling out the air from body by squeezing in your stomach inside way. It helps a lot in busting stress.

10. Play games like a kid - Play any indoor or outdoor games as per your preference. You will feel much more relaxed you in a jiffy.

11. Yoga, an eternal stress reliever - Practice yoga at least for 30 minutes daily. Everyday will be a fresh and stress free for you.

12. Go for vacation to de stress - A vacation is really important for all of us to acquire our real rhythm of life. Explore a destination of your choice to find a new you. It will revitalize you with fervor.

13. Enjoy spa and aroma therapy - Pamper your soul with undeterred attention to your sole. Foot reflexology massage and spas are a good way to relax.

14. Follow fitness regime - Be regular with gym, aerobics or anything you intend to keep yourself fit and fine. It works a lot in de-stressing.

15. Socialize to delete stress - Make friends and meet friends. They are lifelines to our lives. Party and socialize with kins and kiths and be stress free.

16. Switch to nature - Go gardening to de stress. Plant, water and nourish tress, in return you would feel highly energized. You can even enjoy a stress free moment in the serene and soothing beauty of greenery with a brisk walk in garden.

17. Schedule time and work to reduce stress - Time management play a vital role in both our professional as well as personal wellbeing. Schedule your work and time and follow is accordingly to be stress free.

18. Reduce caffeine intake – Caffeine works miracle to keep your eyes wide open even if you are tired. It’s good! But it is really bad too, as it kills your sleep and makes you restless and stressful. So avoid it!

19. Drink in moderation: Alcohol distresses you and makes you restless. So try to be moderate with your pegs to enjoy a stress free life.

20. Drink green tea and plenty of water: Hydrate yourself with plain water. It again works as a miracle to de-stress. Green tea is a herbal and most effective way to soothe your anxieties.

21. Get quality sleep to reduce stress: Sleep not only make you beautiful but also nourishes your overall persona. Sleeps at least for 6 to 7 hrs to shed off stress.

22. Gossip is good to de-stress - Little chit chat and smart gossiping helps you a lot in shedding of all your worries instantly. Good gossip will work as an instant redeemer from stress.

23. Read an interesting book - A nerve taking novel or any reading material you enjoy could work as a real stress buster for you. Start flapping the leaflets today to know how it soothes your mind and relaxes you completely.

24. Snuggle and get intimate – Love yourself and get intimate with for partner as and when you feel like. Don’t set any particular time or make a schedule even for this. The more you snuggle and make real love the more it helps you to keep stress at bay.

25. Go for long drive - Ride a bike or go for a long drive, it will invigorate you.

Follow these tips in your day to day life. It would for sure change the complete perspective of your life to an extent of an ultimate calm and serene happiness.

- By Priya Singh

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