Thursday, February 21st, 2013

How Sleep Affects Your looks

Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin. When you sleep, your body repairs and renews itself. That process goes on at the cellular level in your skin. Missing sleep for one might isn’t a big deal, but chronic sleep deprivation is bad for your health, and can increase your risk of disease. Dr Sheilly Kapoor Consultant Dermatology Medanta The Medicity shares about importance of sleep in your good looks..

Why sleep is important for skin
It is during our slumber time that the body repairs the daily damage caused to the skin by stress, ultraviolet rays and other detrimental exposures to dust and pollution. Sleep is when the body produces more proteins, which are the cell’s building blocks. Enhanced protein production ensures proper rejuvenation and revamping of the tissues and cells, which in turn provides vital regeneration and repair to the skin.

Moreover, during hours of sleep, cortisol and insulin production inversely peak so that collagen 1 production is accelerated,” adds Dr Sheilly. Collagen 1 production firms the epidermal/dermal junction so evaporation is reduced and water retention is maximized, explains she. Conversely, lack of restful sleep suppresses the immune system, which can lead to skin-related problems, such as rashes. “The most important thing you can do for your skin may be getting a great night’s sleep,” further says Dr Kapoor. The ideal amount ranges from six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, time enough to move through the five phases of sleep. She explains further as the body settles into the fourth and deepest stage of rest — often called Delta Sleep (which precedes REM, the last stage of sleep) — growth hormones peak and initiate cell and tissue repair. Limited or restless sleep can cut into this crucial restorative process. Therefore intermittent waking sleep is nowhere near as beneficial to skin health, adds she.

What if you go sleep deprived?
Not sleeping well is bound to show up on the face: dark under-eye circles, swollen, red eyes, sagging, dull and sallow skin, and early onset of wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines. And fat, the bugbear of every woman is a natural consequence of insufficient sleep. Also increased inflammation causes the skin to age quicker and mental fatigue causes the muscles in your face to tense up making your skin more prone to dullness, rough texture, uneven pigment and wrinkles. Chronic skin conditions like rosacea are also more likely to flare up—and stick around.

So, whatever the experts and our elderly said about sleeping properly was right after all. If you sleep well you look healthy, and if you miss to pile up and sleep well, your face may resemble an animal farm with raccoon eyes and crow’s feet.

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