Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

How to Deal with Fatigue in Your Love Life

flcent103Once upon a time you could grab an impromptu session of sex whenever you wanted. Then, kids happened, priorties changed and life was never the same. Dr. Jayanti Dutta, well known, Clinical Psychologist tells you what to do…..

I feel squeamish when my husband broaches sex after the birth of my second child. I feel that I am not as desirable as earlier because of my jelly belly and stretch marks“, says Gargi.

“Since I have started commuting long distance for work, my gym time has been sacrificed. As a result my girth has expanded and I don’t feel sexy enough!”, sighs Rituparna

Then names have been changed but these are real women and so are the concerns.

How to deal with it

Turning off the light is the easiest to do and coming to terms with your body image is the hardest. In between there are several steps you can take to add zing to your sex life.

1. Get the toned look. Body image impacts our sexuality and how we feel about it, which is particularly true for women. While men are comfortable in their skin and with their jiggly bellies, women are not. Hence, either you should start gymming or stop fretting. Seek a good yoga teacher and learn poses. You will get a toned body and a calmer mind which will allow you to accept your body type and the way you are.

2. Accept yourself. With age women surrender to gravity, increased body fat, flabby arms and midriff. Your sex life has nothing to do with silver stretch marks on your buttocks but it has everything to do with the way you feel about your partner. Focus on the sensations and feelings that a lovemaking session brings.

3. Set the mood. Infuse your sex life with the romance of satin sheets, aroma candles adn naughty quickes. Experiment with your hairstyle because that’s the cheapest and the most effective makeover available. Buy new outfits, try different perfumes and colognes.

4. Get regular. Sex needs to be on your schedule, otherwose your overflowing agenda will never spare your the time ofr one. It’s okay to leave your children a day with grandparents to enjoy the intimate moments together.

5. Halt stress. Usually, being stressed is the oft-quoted reasons to avoid intimacy. But getting active in the bed helps you deal with the board room stress in a better way. Trust researchers!

Moreover, it’s important to go with the flow. Too much emphasis on getting an orgasm puts a lot of performnce pressure on the couples. At times its okay to dispense with orgasm ad enjoy the warmth of togetherness.

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