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Instant Cures for Four Most Common Pains

Tension_headache_treatment1Since childhood, we’ve been trained that we must bear pain, so most of the time be try to bear it just by becoming ignorant. While it is good to be brave but it is very bad to become ignorant towards anything like pain, as it may lead you to a worsening condition. Priya Singh stands to discuss four most common pains and also tells you tips to fix them instantly. Keep reading..

For most of us a headache is just one of those things we have learnt to live with. There are various forms of headaches. Occasional headache can be caused by a number of things like stress, strain, fatigue, lack of sleep, eye sight problems and even acidity. Smita Tripathi, 30, CRM managerfrom Delhi tells, “One late lunch and I get a splitting headache, especially on the one side of forehead. After many years of bearing, I learnt that it is caused by acidity and that I need to down an antacid rather than a pain killer”. In the same way there are most of us who lack the understanding of real reason behind a pain and end up taking wrong medication.

In case if you suffer from acute tension type headache it’s better to go for busters like short walk, deep breathe exercise or dance-beat relaxing exercise like rotating your shoulders, etc. It would release much of your pain instantly. For all such sudden aroused headaches follow these:

Tips to Fix: Apply oil balm or any menthol ointment. Lie down in the dark room in savasaba or flat on your back for few minutes.

Pain in the stomach is again a very common ailment that hits almost every four out of five people on daily average. Reason behind stomach can be numerous like allergy, acidity, indigestion, wrong food habit, excessive intake of junk and many more of such kind. It can also be due to menstrual cramps. Though on a chronic stage, it can occur due to major issues like stone detection in your GB, hyper acidity, appendicitis, ulcers in stomach, gastric bypass forum, etc. So when you feel your gripe at intestines, it could be an indication of things going wrong. Stomach pain could be your stomach’s way of protesting a food binge.

Go easy on the meal if the pain occurred instantly all of a sudden as wrong food pattern may be the reason. Home remedies like chewing few leaves on mint or ajwain can do great favor in such acute aches. For chronic stomach pain one should rush to a doctor without much delay.

Tips to fix: Some foods are difficult to digest so for acute and random pain in stomach try to go easy on spicy and oily stuff. Drink plenty of luke warm ajwain or cumin water with a pinch of black salt as it is highly relaxing. For severe colic one should try to consult a doctor at earliest. To fix it instantly you can take a recommended pain relieving pills.

Backache and Joint Pain
Daily wear and tear schedule, injury or stress, any of these can be a reason behind your backache. Joint pain and knee pain mostly happens due to excessive low cartilage strength and excessive pressure on the joints. For those suffering from chronic pain in the joints and backache pain relief becomes a must although it too must be accompanied with some yoga practices like vajrasana and padmasana, etc. It would prove highly beneficial in increasing your muscle bone flexibility.

Those who bear this pain occasionally due to some over stressful schedule or such, they must try to follow stretch and relax – relax and stretch formula.

Tips to fix: Apply pain relief ointments like Moov or Violine; or massage the affected area with warm oil to relax. Performing little yoga on a daily basis would result in long lasting cure. Those suffering from chronic pain must see an orthopaedician to fix a joint surgery, if it’s recommended.

As per experts, teeth never get affected over night. Most of the time we over look the shooting toothache like at time when you bite an ice cream or something chill; this results in tooth decay in long run. For any kind of toothache it is good to consult a dentist. Also, we must check on are habits both food wise as well as hygiene wise.

Tips to fix: Avoid acidic foods and colas which are also high in sugar. Stop consuming excessive chocolates. Try to follow good habits of brushing both at morning and before going to bed. Strictly avoid eating anything at night after you brush.

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