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How to Get Rid of Summer Related Headaches

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Arab proverb says,”Every head has its own headache.”

From being just an inconvenience to disabling the life completely, headaches interrupt the normal flow of our lives in different strengths. Whatever the kind of headache is, it is a niggling pain that nags us continuously and the sufferers try almost all methods to earn relief. They start from pain killers and with age graduate to almost all methods of alternate therapy to earn relief from headaches. Any sufferer will agree that headaches tend to amplify in summer. The primary reasons for increased episodes of headaches are blinding sunshine and dehydration.

Top five ways to earn relief from summer-bound headaches—

1. Drink Water. There is no fixed formula for headaches. All methods are trial and error based and you got to experiment to figure out which one suits you. However, consensus has emerged on the subject that dehydration happening in summer is one of the major culprits for headache. If the cause is dehydration, the answer will be water and fluids in plenty to ward off the dehydrating effects of the heat. Thirst usually is a poor marker of body heat and in summer our water requirement doubles because of the heat and humidity around. Hence, drink water and other refreshing liquids to keep the summer heat and dehydration related headaches at bay.

2. Get in the Shade. Almost all migrane sufferers know that they can’t tolerate harsh lights. You can recognize a migraine patient when you see him squinting at the light. Thus, it’s a good idea to get in the shade when possible. The suns rays are most intense between 10am and 3pm, by wearing polarized sunglasses when ever you are outside you will reduce your risk of triggering a sunlight caused headache. Because polarized lenses have internal filters that blocks the horizontal rays that cause the eye strain that trigger headaches.

3. Aroma Magic. Aromatherapy is useful to abort headache and helps you soothe an aggressive headache too. Essential oil of lavender is soothing and destresses frazzled nerves, thereby lulling you to sleep. Essential oil of orange blossom is invigorating.

4. Get your sinuses tested. This is the time when the pollen count is high. It means people with clogged sinuses are going to suffer more. New kind of nasal inhalers have come in the market, which will help you get relief from the sinus related pain. Talk to your ENT about it today.

5. Be regular. All migraine patients know this. If the routine goes a bit haywire, you are bound to get a headache. Hence, sleep on time and wake up on time and get your exercise too.

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