Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Heart Friendly Lifestyle

heart friendly lifestyleDo cardiologists walk the talk? Find out.

Heart disease has emerged as the biggest killer in India, so much so that it has replaced communicable diseases. Naturally, it is getting us worried. Quit worrying because it stresses your heart. Read below to know how experts handle the matters of their heart.

The mantra of fitness: I believe in bringing fitness out of the gym. I walk to do small errands and take stairs at frequent intervals. I do yoga, pranayama and meditation with my patients every morning

You are what you eat: I only eat cereals once a day and rest of the times I eat fruits, vegetables, dal, dry fruits, etc. A big ‘no’ goes to fries and high cholesterol food. I do not eat transfats, white sugar, white maida and white rice. While dining out, the selection goes very simple and it is mostly Indian food prepared with little spices.

From distress to de-stress- I do meditation, pranayama and follow my own de-stressing regimen which I teach to my patients and that involves thinking differently, self confession, distributing non-materialistic gifts and charity.

To live > 80 years, remember the formula of 80: Keep your abdominal circumference (in centimeters), blood pressure,LDL (bad) Cholesterol, Pulse and Fasting Sugar all lower than 80.

- Dr K K Aggarwal (Padmashri and Dr. B C Roy National Awardee), Senior Consultant Cardiology, Moolchand The Medcity, New Delhi.

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